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Pointer pup

6/27/16 @ 6:25 PM
User since 6/27/16

ok  I'm sure this has come up before but here goes.

1.Will  playing fetch with a real dead bird take the point out of him.

2. Should I allow him to flash point,creep and chase robins at the park (sight pointing)

3 1/2 month DD 

thanks in advance 

12/16/16 @ 3:26 PM
User since 6/27/16
That's my boy

9/18/16 @ 4:34 PM
Landin' Lunkers
User since 6/4/12

Lund guy... again I'm no pro. But I have worked with several trainers on a rescue pointer lab pup mix that I  got when he was born. All of them said that sit, stay, recalls need to be very well instilled before the whole hunt training starts. If you have a dog that won't come back to you or stay it's probably gonna b a waste of time with the rest. I found some tricks to help get retrieving and holding bird/dummy to hand. Also how to get them finding it and on scent. I live in waukesha and can maybe help you. P.M. me if your wanting advice.

This was our first successful hunt since I had him and his first time out where my sub par shooting skills didn't fail me.

8/18/16 @ 12:25 PM
User since 3/20/02

Lundguy2 - Start yesterday and hook up with the nearest NAVHDA chapter.

Best of luck with the new pup!

8/17/16 @ 1:14 PM
User since 4/22/15

We just got a short hair pup last weekend, she is 11 weeks and is our first "gun" dog.  I don't do much waterfowl hunting but more upland, grouse and pheasant and hope to use her for that.  Any tips on when and where to start?

8/1/16 @ 6:09 PM
Troy Stoeger
User since 4/2/02

I just had a question, Crims.... Where did you get your dog? Seems to be a shortage of quality DD breeders. Eventually I'd like one now that my old boy getting up there in years. The one I found that I really like is in Utah. Would like to stay closer but will travel that far if I have to when the time comes. Thanks!

Troy Stoeger Guide Service
(920) 277-5578
7/28/16 @ 9:33 PM
User since 10/3/12

Youve got a DD so you may have your hands full. Lot of foks confuse my dog with a DD, very similar in appearance. 

One source you may be interested in is Joan Baileys "How to help gun dogs train themselves" .  I am also following the DVD "Perfect Start" by Hann which may others have recommended. Its a good DVD because he doesnt appear to set up the training with pre - trained dogs nor with easily pliable puppies.

7/14/16 @ 6:46 PM
User since 6/27/16

This is my first pointing breed. I'm not new to dog training but I'm no pro either

Pointers seems to be a little more tricky. And yes the dead bird retrieve is one thing I've done a handful of times. I'm kinda liking that Gibson west method. I know there a lot more out there. But I try not to get into it.  Don't know if the outcome of mixing different method gonna do me and pup any good. Is there one you guys prefer.  Been looking into delmar smith too.

6/30/16 @ 1:25 PM
User since 3/20/02

Fetch and pointing are different things. Playing fetch with a dead bird should not be a problem but he should also be trained to retrieve other items.

At that young age pointing robins is not an issue. It is probably building bird drive in the pup. The dog will learn soon enough that those birds aren't of interest to you two as a team.

6/30/16 @ 11:27 AM
User since 10/3/12

Since no one with experience has answered here you can take my amateur opinion (first time owner of 18 week old grif) for what its worth.

 You have to do something to keep up their interest in birds so letting them chase robins is of no negative consequence at this early age. It is said to be good to chase the wild birds to inspire their prey drive and so he learns that he cannot catch them on his own power; that he needs your help by learning how to point.

Playing fetch with a dead bird....sounds OK if its not over done but this can be a tricky excercise if you over do it. You dont want him learning to be a hard mouth or a possessive game hog. just my .000002

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