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Golden Retriever for hunting

9/6/18 @ 12:08 PM
Safe Hunt
User since 11/2/12

Looking at the Lake Link community for help.  As a life long golden retriever family, we are in search of golden retriever breeder that has dogs with strong lines for hunting (waterfowl and upland) as well as longevity.

Veteranarian friends talk about the health and the fact that English Golden’s may be less prone to health issues.

i have searched the web.  Any direction or sites that could direct me to English Golden Breeders etc that hunt well would be appreciated.

Please share your thoughts as well.

9/20/18 @ 11:51 PM
User since 7/7/05

One other that I should have mentioned is Nelson kennels out of MN.  I haven’t (yet) bought a dog from him, but they look great and I’ve heard good reports on his dogs. 

Dont fear the drive. Your going to see what might be your best buddy for the next decade or more. 

9/20/18 @ 7:31 PM
User since 7/7/05

I’m on my fourth and fifth Golden’s now.  They are the best of both worlds - great family dogs and outstanding hunters, but solid hunting bloodlines matter. 

In general the light or white coated Golden’s (English) are bred for show/obedience.   The red coats/dark coats are generally  the field/working dogs. 

My current Golden came from Webshire Kennels near Appleton. She’s only 2 now but is a smart, very high drive dog.  I’d recommend Webshire to anyone. 

Youll never regret your decision to get a Golden. 

9/20/18 @ 5:30 PM
User since 12/22/05

Look into ridgeway kennels out of winneconne wi.Steve Raehl breeder.Dam Great dogs.

9/7/18 @ 6:46 AM
User since 2/8/11

Just be aware that there is often a big difference in energy level between field bred goldens and confirmation goldens. If you’re used to a low key golden and get a high energy field bred golden, you may be in for a surprise you weren’t expecting. Spend some time researching breeders and their dogs. Spending some time with the parents will give you some idea of what to expect as far as energy level. I had 2 goldens that were more from confirmation lines that were both great hunters but both on the low end of the energy scale when not hunting. I wouldn’t say that any dog will hunt but if you start them at a young enough age and expose them to enough birds, most will.

I can’t help you on particular breeders but can assure you that there are plenty of good breeders and I wouldn’t narrow the focus on “English” goldens. A reputable breeder isn’t going to breed unhealthy lines. You should expect to pay around $1500 for a well bred dog and waiting a year for a puppy wouldn’t be unreasonable.

For training I would recommend finding a HRC group to train with near you. Bill Hillman has an excellent puppy training video. Graham Evans has an excellent training program for past puppy stage although he has a good puppy training instruction as well.  

Gently get the puppy exposed to gunfire early. A gun shy dog is a major handicap for hunting that often can’t be remedied. Also introduce them to bird wings early to get them interested. 

9/6/18 @ 8:48 PM
Safe Hunt
User since 11/2/12

Thanks for reply. I will take name but am not in the market for a year or two.

9/6/18 @ 2:21 PM
User since 6/3/13

Not sure about English Goldens but I know somebody who has pups on the ground now.  Both mom and dad have all health clearances.  

If you want a great golden that is both strong in the field yet a good citizen in the home these are worth checking out.  

Message me and I can give you contact info if you are interested.

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