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Pictures of your hunting dogs

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4/5/05 @ 5:12 PM
User since 1/11/05
Put pictures of your hunting dogs here

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9/13/22 @ 5:01 PM
User since 10/31/15

This is my friend, her name is Pono. The name is Hawaiian for righteous. She was born on Christmas Day.

8/19/22 @ 5:26 AM
Analog man
Analog man
User since 12/10/18

Picking my male tomorrow!!!

8/15/22 @ 2:53 PM
User since 12/16/10

A friend captured this cool picture of Aza a WPG from our 2020 litter.   

8/4/22 @ 7:12 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21

Loretta isn’t a hunter except for rabbits, but at least Gladys is in background. Nice to have a few beers by deer blind at let the dogs loose for awhile.
Plastic chair is broke and wont be burned. FYI 

7/14/22 @ 8:25 AM
User since 12/10/17

Greta GWP. Currently3.5

Nova Lab/chessie mix. He’s been gone almost 5 years. 

Something special about a hunting dog

7/13/22 @ 5:41 PM
EZ Going
PRO MEMBER User since 9/21/21

Princess,my 3 year old English Lab. Has 3 hunting seasons under her belt. Pheasants has got me 268, grouse has got me 35( a lot more if I could hit them buggers),has caught 1 wild turkey. She’s also my best fishing partner in the boat or from shore. 

7/2/22 @ 9:25 AM
User since 8/23/17

Great looking puppy you have there! Exciting to think about all the wonderful times you and your new buddy will have.

This is Lucy after a training session watching the ducks on the lake fly around, she's ready to go!

5/24/22 @ 4:17 AM
User since 6/17/14
my newest pup. She’s from Brookstone Kennels in Missouri. She’ll be a waterfowl and upland dog. She’s calm and patient and is very smart. 

4/26/22 @ 8:45 PM
User since 8/23/17

Lucy just got done with some water work. She's doing great with her training staying sharp for next season. Also finished up making the last of the duck on the grill today. I'm ready for next season to start!

3/4/22 @ 7:51 AM
User since 8/24/07

Took the little girl out to the game farm a few times after grouse season ended.  She didn’t like retrieving pheasants her first season but now, she will reliably find and fetch downed birds.  Our most recent outing, she chased down a winged bird that kept flying about 100 yards before it dropped and hit the ground running. I thought it was gone but she ran over the hill and I watched her locate and chase down the running bird. She retrieved it to hand. So great to see a young dog develop. 

Displaying 20 to 29 of 2,039 posts
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