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Pictures of your hunting dogs

4/5/05 @ 6:12 PM
User since 1/11/05
Put pictures of your hunting dogs here

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3/25/23 @ 8:36 PM
User since 12/16/10
Fun to see pups from your litters all grown up.  Here is Beast at a few weeks and two years  

1/28/23 @ 9:56 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08

This is my Gordon Lexi and how she sleeps a lot! She’s a talkative goof ball but what a nose she has! Still I wouldn’t advise this breed to anyone unless you can give them full time Attention! 

1/28/23 @ 8:19 AM
User since 10/29/09

A few posts back I told ya I’d take him if nobody else wanted him. I couldn’t be happier that nobody responded. 

This is a special pup. I’m praying for a long life for him and looking forward to the ride together.

I’m thankful for Scout too. He is an amazing boy dog too.

1/24/23 @ 4:34 PM
User since 2/19/06

My newest addition to the clan.  Maxine, Max for short, is 9 months and showing real promise!

1/22/23 @ 5:14 PM
Roscoe P
User since 12/26/22

18 month old Roscoe

1/9/23 @ 4:28 PM
User since 10/29/09

I’ve been paying my friend 900.00 for my last 2

1/9/23 @ 7:05 AM
User since 1/19/02

How much?

1/8/23 @ 7:15 PM
User since 10/29/09

Is anybody interested in a sweet yellow Labrador male pup. My friend has been breeding since 1969. I’ve placed many dogs for him and have loved the ones that I’ve gotten from him. Every one is as good in the field as you want them to be but most importantly they are awesome family dogs and easy to train 

I’m gonna take him unless somebody else gives me a reason to pass on him.

Not a single person has been disappointed to this point. No such thing as a bad dog. Now sometimes dog owners are another matter 

1/8/23 @ 6:46 AM
User since 12/16/10

Ellie, Aza, Birdie.    During our last hunt of grouse season 

10/20/22 @ 5:40 AM
User since 7/28/16

Aspen Thunder AVA , planted birds for her first time, after her 3rd bird took the leash off and watched her come to a natural point on the 4th bird. So cool. If u are in the market for a pointing lab check out DA koda kennels ! Awesome dogs! 

10/19/22 @ 8:13 PM
Safe Hunt
User since 11/2/12

Millie B 15 months, first season. Lots of help and thanks to Wild Rose Midwest and Green Gable Kennels.

10/17/22 @ 4:10 PM
User since 8/24/07

Too much snow today. Looked like Narnia out in the woods. Not a lot of birds but the pup got a few points and she put some miles on. Tomorrow will be more productive. Lots of birds out by the roadside on the way back to the cabin. 

10/17/22 @ 4:03 PM
User since 12/16/10

Birdie, Aza and their momma,  Ellie 

10/17/22 @ 3:09 PM
User since 2/19/06

My new project......

10/14/22 @ 10:00 PM
User since 7/13/01

Rockwell, 10 months, wishes I was a better shot

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