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1/19/21 @ 12:37 PM
USER SINCE 2/19/06

I've owned couple pointers over the years, but mostly a Lab man.   My 2 black labs currently are 11 and 15.  You'd never guess it from looking at them, great physical shape and smallish size, 45-50 pounds... Anyway, I hunt combination of everything from dove to waterfowl to upland. My dogs are family members, staying in the house and allowed on some furniture.  

I'm thinking of switching to a breed that doesn't shed as bad.  Looking for suggestions.....


4/22/21 @ 3:28 PM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

Wired Hair Vizla. I’m still looking into them but they don’t shed much at all from the reports on breeds. 

4/22/21 @ 9:27 AM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Have to agree. Being well bred takes precedence over a specific breed. Most bird dogs are bred to be family friendly.  

Also I found out the hard way that tolerance to loud and sudden noise ie gun fire is more in the breeding than how you condition them as pups.  I was told by some that my dogs are gun shy because I made a mistake. I called BS. Correctly bred dogs are not gun shy. Though any dog thats misused or abused will become shy of anything.

That said if you want a breed that is hardy in cold weather and athletic ability then look at the griffons and german wirehair pointers. Theyre lovingly called the Four Wheel Drives of hunting dogs. And while griffons will shed they shed less than mos.t As always-look for good breeding.

4/22/21 @ 6:18 AM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

There are so many great hunting/house companion breeds. I have been and always will be a lab guy but I have friends/family who swear by GSP's, Visla's, Britt's.. Have hunted and been around all these breeds. Brother has had Chessie's and his dogs have been great hunting/family dogs.  Of course the pointers will do better in certain situations and hunting preferences. Finding a quality breeder with lines that match your requirements is always the most important thing.. Best of luck!!! 

4/21/21 @ 10:24 AM
USER SINCE 3/20/02

German Wirehaired Pointers can do upland and waterfowl well.

4/21/21 @ 1:23 AM
USER SINCE 12/30/10

The Vizla would be another one to consider.  I've had 2 of them.  Naturally close working.  Smooth coated.  They are more soft tempered than a Britt but will half kill themselves to do what is asked of them.  Also great family dogs.  Tend to be velcro dogs.  

1/20/21 @ 8:53 AM
USER SINCE 1/25/07

german shorthair pointer,very good also

1/19/21 @ 8:56 PM
USER SINCE 2/19/06

I was lucky.  Abby started pointing woodcock and sharp tails her first year!  The other Lab, her daughter Remi, shows a little of the same tenancies.  As for your pup, I'd not be to soon to fault him as being soft, he's still a pup....

1/19/21 @ 8:49 PM
USER SINCE 10/11/15

Good luck !   I just got done going thru the same thing you are.... after 3 labs in a row,  I needed a house/grouse dog and I wanted something different that a lab... out of my last three labs, only one was a good grouse dog... The lab I have now is 14 and in the last 14 years I can only think of one grouse I shot off of him, so I didn't want to chance another non grouse hunting lab.

I ended up with a Britt after shopping and shopping and shopping.

I have to tell you.... If you want a good dog,  from a good litter.... you best start working it now... I committed for a male pup in August,  from a litter welped on Thanks Giving. 

I'm not saying the Britt is the answer for you..  you have to choose what is right for you. I will say, after having this little Britt for the last few weeks, I can see why Labs are so popular... the Britt is really soft... and is vary adverse to inclment weather and cold... So, if you do get a different breed... remember, it's not a lab...  and you will need to adjust your handling accordingly

1/19/21 @ 8:09 PM
USER SINCE 12/16/10

I’m partial to WPG

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