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Please help, Fly-In Recommendation. 1st trip for us.

7/7/16 @ 9:56 AM
User since 1/10/06

My 14 year old son can’t stop talking about doing a fly in trip to Canada.  I have done some online research, but the number of trips is overwhelming.   I’ve also looked through this forum for info.  So I was hoping to get some first hand advice.  I want it to be a good trip of him.  I’m not sure yet if my wife wants to come with us yet.  If she doesn’t want to go then my Dad and brother said they would go with us.  She isn’t interested in roughing it (no surprise), but my bro and dad don’t need deluxe accommodations.  So I’m looking for opinions on the two options.  We are leaving from northern Wisconsin and are looking to spend $1000-1500 per person for 4-6 days.  We are interested in catching anything as long as we are catching fish pretty steady.  I would like a stand alone cabin on a lake.   

7/12/16 @ 9:49 AM
User since 8/20/10

Weight limit is 100 lbs. per person.  They supply all paper and can goods.  We primarily jig fish so we took 1 flat of nightcrawlers, about 500 salted frozen minnows and I bought 2 lbs. of leeches from the outfitter as well as using twistertails.  al of the live bait worked equally well but we also used just twistertails on some occasions.  Seemed the bite changed from day to day.  our first time on Loree lake and it was very nice, lots of fish.

7/12/16 @ 8:27 AM
User since 3/23/05

Hello there Football77, what did you use for bait? I understand weight limits on fly in. Did you only use plastic, what type. Peace, Remi.

7/12/16 @ 7:24 AM
User since 6/30/14

If the wife isn't going I would try Kayair out of Ear Falls to Birch Lake.  Cabins are basic but lake is large with lots of options to accommodate the weather.  We went in August when we have been there, awesome walleye fishing and no bugs.  Two other resorts on the lake but plenty of water that you won't see them. 

If looking for a few more amenities Nestor Falls Fly In Outposts, has some nice cabins with several lake options depending on species targeting. 

Not sure where all you've searched but here is one link that lists many of the resorts with housekeeping cabin options, both drive to and fly-in 

7/12/16 @ 5:00 AM
User since 8/20/10

We've used Amik Outpost for many years and like you prefer to be 1 cabin to the lake.  Prices are in your price range.  John & Rena are great.  Many groceries provided. We went to Loree Lake the 3rd week of June for 5 days and 6 people caught over 1800 fish.  We are mostly walleye fishing but plenty of northerns if that is what you like.  You can view their website to see the lakes and outposts avaialble.  Good luck whereever you decide to go and enjoy every minute fishing with your kids.

7/11/16 @ 6:43 PM
User since 6/20/13

We have used Clarks Resorts out of Cedar Lake the last 5 years and will be going back again in 2017.. Have fished three different lakes and have had great fishing on all three lakes.  They have numerous Outposts (15+) and always provide great service. They also run drive to camps at Cedar Lake and a surrounding string of lakes if you want to go that route.. Prices are in your range.

7/9/16 @ 11:32 AM
User since 3/7/15

Walsten Outpost Cabins  They will have what you are looking for.

7/8/16 @ 12:04 PM
User since 2/21/02

I fished Chimo's outposts for years and always did well, nice cabins, solar power with a shower.

7/7/16 @ 1:01 PM
User since 2/2/05

Just got back from North Spirit Lake Lodge fly-in out of Red Lake.  3rd trip for me and my dad's 5th.  Just an amazing time.  Great accommodations.  Food was great.  Many options available with or without guides.  Guides will tell you all you need to know and where to fish without hiring them though.   Family fun outfit.  Fishing is incredible.

I will be going back for a 4th trip with my 9 year old son in two years.  

7/7/16 @ 10:43 AM
User since 1/24/11

I just came back from Big Hook Outposts. Double fly in from Red Lake. The cabins we had were fish camp .... foam mattress,, foam pillow........lots of fish.  around 1300 dollars per person. don't know how it is later in year.

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