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Places to Wilderness/Island camp in Canada while fishing

2/7/14 @ 4:46 PM
User since 1/24/13
As we all know, Canada has strict regulations on where you can camp. Being a poor guy, I would like to find some good places to camp while fishing, mainly not at resorts or packed campgrounds. Can anyone suggest some areas or lakes where shoreline/island camping is allowed. I can't find jacksquat on the internet! I know Canada does this to force you to go to the resorts, but I want to Island camp and rough it and not have my tent pitched next to 15 other tents or next to a bunch of resort cabins. I am looking for solitude and to eliminate lodging cost all together or keep it very minimal. Thanks for any help! DOC

5/27/14 @ 8:42 AM
User since 8/27/01
We have a wilderness place that you can come to for very reasonable price. Shoot me a pm if interested

5/22/14 @ 8:46 AM
J-Man 2.0
J-Man 2.0
User since 4/16/14
FYI --

On Lake of the Woods, non-Canadian residents are allowed to camp on any crown (non-privately owned, non-first nations owned)land, except Whitefish Bay.

Camping permits are generally available from any fishing license distributor and cost about $10 per person per night.

The fee is set by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resouces.

Anyone under 18 does NOT need a permit.


2/17/14 @ 9:33 AM
User since 1/24/13
To everyone who chimed in, thanks a bunch for all the help! Also, if anyone ever needs a fishing partner on some Canadian trips, please consider me if you have a spot open or would like/need a partner on a trip. I would really like to start exploring some of the Canadian wilderness areas as much as I can in the coming years. DOC

2/8/14 @ 9:34 AM
User since 4/11/08
And I forgot one great little trip... the Turle River-White Otter Wilderness north of Atikokan. Easy paddle in/paddle out. Good fishing and far enough south to have some smallmouth fishing too. The Turtle River segment (120 miles) has some incredible whitewater and walleye fishing too.

2/8/14 @ 9:31 AM
User since 4/11/08
I have paddled and guided thousands and thousands of miles on the shield. Ontario offers some of the finest paddling and fishing trips to be found anywhere. You can take a train into Wabakimi, do a 100 mile loop and wait on the tracks for a VIA Rail train to pick you up. They are required to stop when someone flags them down in the bush. Your expenses are the dailt Crown land or Provincial Park camping fee (cheaper if you purchase through an outfitter), and the $20-$30 train fee for you and your canoe. Other great places I have been: Woodland Caribou Provincial Park (more lake travel), Kopka River corridor, Berens and Serpent rivers, The Brightsand and Allanwater (great trip), the English, the Okoki, the Albany, the Berg, Quetico, and there are so many more it is unbelievable. Go to the Canoecopia show in Madison this spring and all the maps and literature are available, plus an endless amount of gear. I have been on small feeder rivers that had so many walleyes under the boat you could not see the bottom. You will fish in areas that rarely ever see a human, far exceeding any fishing experience you would get on a constantly fished outpost camp area. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

2/7/14 @ 9:37 PM
User since 2/19/06
My father has been camping and fishing in Canada for over 45 years. Our experience has been you can camp on Crown land anywhere you find a campsite already established. You willyour camping fees and stay the appropriate distanlaunches. The lake we camp on north of Ignace has at least a dozen campsites we know of, though we have only used 2 or 3. I've never seen any on maps, but you can bet the wardens know where everyone is! That would be your best source of info. Pm me if you need some more help.

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