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Ontario Fishing Trip - What to Bring?

11/15/17 @ 11:52 AM
User since 9/27/01

I'm headed to Eagle Lake next June for my first trip to Canada to fish.  I've done a lot of research on various lodge websites for what rods, reels, line, jigs and other artificial baits to have with me.  I'm also going to invest in a good rain suit.  I'm pretty much outfitting my dad and I with gear so what other items have you brought, or wish that you would have brought, that made your trip more comfortable, successful or enjoyable?  We'll mainly be targeting walleye, pike and lake trout.  Any specific baits that worked really well for those species?  The place we're staying is a drive to lodge and there's only two of us going so we'll have plenty of room for gear.

The lodge we're staying at is providing all meals, the boat and fish processing so we're covered there.  We're also going to be guided 3 of the 6 days that we'll be fishing.

6/20/18 @ 11:19 PM
User since 4/8/13

As for using credit card vs cash...I've withdrawn currency at ATM in Dryden and Vermillion Bay receiving Canadian dollars. The banks automatically give you the current exchange rate. Today's exchange rate is $1 US Dollar = $1.33 Canadian (per Bank of Canada)

6/18/18 @ 1:52 PM
User since 3/27/06

As for jig and minnow, just keep in mind that if you go far north plastics work very well and live minnows can be hard to get and keep. Twenty years and we have not used minnows on any of our trips because we don't have to. Some crawlers and leeches later in the season.

6/18/18 @ 9:54 AM
User since 9/27/01

I appreciate everyone's input on this thread.  We had a blast and as expected, I totally over-killed on the gear that we brought but there were only two of us in a 1/2 ton pickup so we had the room.  I knew that if I didn't bring something along, we'd need it so I had 14 rods, three tackle boxes and a tote with spare gear.  Some of the regulars at the lodge were watching us unload and we got a lot of "rookie" looks from them.  Ha!  

Jigs and minnows caught 99% of the fish.  I think we'll be safe taking the car next time as the gear tally will include 2-3 rods a piece and one tackle box with an assortment of jigs, some spinner rigs and a few rattlin' raps and husky jerks.  I bought a nice assortment of plastic grubs, twister tails, jerk minnows, boot tails and ring worms and never opened a package.  Guess I'll be well stocked on those for years to come.

I didn't exchange any currency.  Cabela's Visa does that automatically and there's no fee.  Only used it once at the LCBO for a case of Molson.

6/11/18 @ 8:20 AM
User since 5/6/16

A bottle of Crown is 26.95 Canadian dollars. JP Wisers Deluxe is 28.95. At least that's what it says online and what I have noticed in the past when I stop in. Most of the bottles of Canadian stuff are reasonably priced. And with the exchange it ends up being priced similar to here in the states. Beer on the other hand is a slap in the ass. 45 Canadian for a 28 case of Molson. Yikes.

6/10/18 @ 11:56 AM
User since 3/7/15

AS far as beer or whiskey stop at the duty free store. Can't beat their prices anywhere.

6/10/18 @ 9:54 AM
User since 12/19/06

Regarding money, everyone here has made good suggestions.  I would concur that MOST Canadian retailers will take cash US dollars, but not all.   Also, some will not do an exchange rate adjustment.  Meaning if the tag says $50, you give them $50 US, they may not apply the 25-30% exchange....they'll take $50 US and thank you very much.

Someone mentioned a $30 bottle of whiskey....must be some of the cheapest whiskey in Canada!  40-Creek (Ontario distiller near Niagara Falls) costs about $19 in the US for a 750ml (cheap)...I see it for at least $40 in Canada LCBO's.  Jack Daniels about $55-60.  Case of regular beer $40.  Good tap beers at most restaurants start at $8/glass.  In short, if you are pinching pennies, do some homework on booze to figure if it's cheaper to bring in and pay duty (if you exceed the limit), or buy locally...can go either way.

One other note, if you have time, buy your booze away from the border crosses...the price will be a slight bit lower away from the LCBO's in Fort Francis, for example.  Wait till you get to Dreyden if you are going that far.

6/10/18 @ 7:52 AM
Canada Bound
User since 2/19/10

I have a capital one credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. So I use that as much as possible. Most businesses will take US funds but there exchange rate is never as good as what you get on the credit card.I go up a lot so at the start of summer I do exchange a few bucks at Rydens at the border just in case. Rydens have a better rate than what I can get from my bank back home.

6/6/18 @ 5:49 AM
User since 7/21/08

Another option if you do want to have cash is pull it from an ATM. May have to pay a couple dollars to do so. 

6/5/18 @ 2:58 PM
User since 9/27/01

I sent a message via my card's customer service link asking if I need to confirm with them that I will be using it in Canada as well as if they charge a exchange fee.  It's through Cabelas Club Visa so I'm guess I'm not the first Cabelas customer to go fishing in Canada.

6/5/18 @ 2:45 PM
User since 4/17/07
My credit card has no foreign transaction fee on it so that's what I always use when I'm out of country.  Just make sure to tell your bank first or they will shut your card off after the first purchase!  Back when I lived in Alaska I was driving from Juneau to Fairbanks but you have to go through Canada to get there.  Its about 7 hours of driving in Canada before going back into Alaska. We were planning on exchanging money before we crossed in a border town but forgot it was a Sunday and banks were closed.  Used credit card in the Yukon Territory and found out when I went to gas up again it was shut off.  No cell service so got to go around and try to find a phone to call bank which took a while.

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