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Looking for a Resort/Great fishing lake in Ontario

4/30/14 @ 9:13 AM
User since 3/7/13

I have been fishing in Ontario for 10 years and I have always went to Hundson, ON and fished all the little lakes down logging roads. I think I want to switch gears and try something different. I have been searching the internet looking for maybe a lodge or rustic cabin that I can rent for a week with great walleye, pike, perch (maybe crappie).

We will have 4-5 guys making a trip next year. Just looking for suggestions on where to go? I have found some that are kind of pricey and some that didnt look the greatest.

Thanks for any advice

5/16/14 @ 8:33 AM
User since 3/14/06
snake falls camp...rowe's they r usually booked with repeat clients...but check out on line

5/15/14 @ 7:39 PM
User since 3/17/12
Has anybody ever stayed at Graystone lodge before? Is it a decent place to stay?

5/14/14 @ 2:11 PM
User since 8/4/03
I would Give cedar lake another vote. I have been going to Cedar Lake Lodge for the past 17 years now and made 20 some trips up there. Great fishing for Walleye,Perch, Small Mouth Bass,Muskie,and Crappy. The lodge is out on an island, with log cabins and modern cabins. All the cabins have power running water and so forth. The lake is 18 mile horse shoe shape. Very easy to fish even with a windy day. his web sight is for all the info. you need.

5/13/14 @ 6:00 PM
User since 6/11/09

I would echo a vote for Cedar Lake, I will come back to fish this lake again, but I would also like to try Cliff, perhaps get the best of both worlds check out Clarks, I think you can fish Cliff as well as Cedar I think they have a boat or boats there. We only fished for Muskies a little while (2-3) hours)had numerous strikes and seen a nice 40" or so by the boat. We caught plenty of avg walleyes but did see a 30" get landed within 50 yds of us the other boat was on a small hump off an island. As one would say the spot on the spot. However if you are after some very nice Crappies its a great lake once you locate them. Its a nice size lake so it seemed like it did not get to rough as opposed to Eagle or the so called lakes around the Winnipeg river (one big flowage).

5/2/14 @ 8:16 AM
Tyler Trampe
User since 7/20/08
Huntfishcamp - If your looking for the whole package and a trip to remember then my suggestion would be Lost Bay Resort on Cliff Lake. Cliff is located right off of HWY 105 about 200 miles due north of the border. 5700 acres with over 200 miles of shoreline to fish. 5 major species are present: phenom lake trout, muskie and sm bass populations, with giant walleyes + pike. You said you are interested in perch as well, Lost Bay has 9 other cache lakes that produce true jumbos as well as numbers of walleyes, pike and muskies. The price is very affordable and the cabins are second to none. If you are coming up with 5 or 6 six guys I would ask about their timber frame luxury home you won't be disappointed. The best thing that Cliff Lake had going for it is that there is only one outfitter on the entire system. Less pressure = more fish!! Tough to go wrong in my opinion. Check them out at or

Also check out this video I put together you will get a good taste for what Cliff has to offer.

Cliff Lake Resorts
(262) 509-3010
5/1/14 @ 12:24 PM
User since 2/25/09
Check out It is on the west arm of Eagle Lake. My family has fish out of this resort for 50 years. Yes this will be my father 50th year. New owner took over last year and have been in the process of renovation and making many improvement (new boats and motors, water system for camp and new building for fish cleaned and office) and really cleaned up the camp. Vary much improved from the last few year and still at a reasonable price for the week.

The west arm of Eagle has excellent fishing for walleyes with a few 30+ inchers we have put on the wall. Trout fishing is also great in the deep hole on the west arm. We have always fished early season but have caught one 50+ inch musky and nice smallmouth.

Eagle West also has access to portage lake with boats and motors with great fishing and adventures.

4/30/14 @ 8:14 PM
MEMBER since 3/27/11
check out reasonably priced, great fishing for walleye, northern pike, perch, small mouth, lake trout & musky. Nice cabins and good equipment.

4/30/14 @ 7:20 PM
User since 6/5/03

I am guessing a few responses. I couldnt be any more sincere about mine.

Cedar Lake is an awesome fishery. It does have Pike but is more of a musky lake I think. Walleye in numbers and size. Perch galore, Small Mouth in abundance and Crappie can be found. Still working on the Crappie in #'s part oursleves; but I have seen some nice stringers.

As for lodging and boats Clark's is incredible value. Boats are 17 ft with 40 HP and they include all bait and gas for their boats. As a primarlily live bait guy we figure this saves us each at least a couple hundred bucks.

Check 'em out and let me know if have any questions Wink

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