Fished lac suel from sunday to Wednesday and took a repeat party out.grandpa,dad and a 11 year old.we had great weather on sun,mon,teus and had really good fishing.water temps are up near 70 for the most part were fairly shallow and had the best luck in weed beds.pulling well over a 100 fish a day from them.all sizes lots of eating sized fish up to 26"1/8 oz jigs with minnows,leeches and some worns.easy fishing.did try some deeper spots and did catch some but seemed slower.might  take  another week or so if weather stays warm to get them to move  out deeper.weeds were holding them in mostly 5 ft and real aggressive.mayflys were hatching all over lake.some areas more than spot they were steady breaking the slowed  down.still caught some but had to be more patient.wont be back on lac suel for a while but looks like its shaping up for a deeper bite coming shortly.