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How is the wolf handled in Canada?

11/7/14 @ 3:30 PM
Tommy Howell
User since 7/11/11
I live in Minnesota and the wolf population is high. I was wondering what you guys do up north to control the population? (LEGALLY)

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12/12/14 @ 8:05 AM
User since 8/27/01
As an outfitter and person who lives in Ontario for 6 months, there is nothing done about the wolf population where we are! With the MNR changing licenses and seasons that coincided with Bear hunting to into September, there is no management nor hunting pressure! Sure the resident Moose hunters shoot them if they see them and have a tag, but basically there is nothing being done! I have advocated for the seasons to run together and have a non-resident Wolf tag price be dropped from $235 to $50 and offer the NR's to add on when buying a Bear Tag! This in turn would bring in more revenue for the government, allow hunters more opportunity, as well as possibly control an animal that is detrimental to the most popular hunting activity in Ontario, Moose Hunting! I also have advocated for the return of the Spring Bear Hunt, and while it has come back a little, keep your fingers crossed that after this fall we all have a provincial wide Spring season in 2016!

11/19/14 @ 12:14 PM
User since 6/14/10
I used to do fly in fishing trips north of Thunder Bay. The owner was a "white" guy, but his wife was a First Nation member. She had zero qualms with shooting any wolf on sight. She told me that sightings were pretty rare, except in winter time. In the winter, the wolves would come in to try and kill their dogs. I don't think most Canadians worry too much about wolves...whether First Nation member or not. See them, shoot them, shut up about it. Pretty much what folks in northern MN and WI should be doing IMHO.

11/16/14 @ 10:57 PM
User since 9/14/06
The wolf population in Ontario at least in the area I hunt is rather high. The locals pay $10 for a tag and the price of a small game license while non residents are looking at spending close to $400 for both. I don't think many residents actually hunt them but if one were to present a shot while on stand for moose or deer believe me the lead would fly.

With the deer population being hit hard the last 2 years and another harsh winter being predicted I would think the wolves would be responding to baited areas. But getting one to respond when you want them to may not be as easy as it sounds. They are an awfully smart animal.

11/12/14 @ 11:01 AM
User since 6/6/07
Bring on the Mange. This will take care of the wolf problem.

11/9/14 @ 11:16 AM
User since 12/6/10
When I hunted up there the outfitter told me if I see one to shoot it and he would tag it, the next year he got busted for doing the exact thing! The non-resident permit is to much to buy on the outside chance that I would see one while deer hunting.

11/7/14 @ 6:07 PM
User since 6/6/07
They do nothing. A wolf license is way over priced and most areas are controlled by natives for trapping and with government programs the natives would rather take government hand outs than run a trap line. My advice SSS!

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