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7/6/11 @ 3:18 PM
User since 7/6/11
This will be our 6th year. Heading up 1st part of Aug. Would like a little info or maybe share some spots or techniques. Just would love to talk a little fishing. Thanks

6/7/15 @ 5:56 PM
User since 12/11/05
Just one resort on the lake, but I think there may be others who rent their own places. Nice cabins at Dogtooth lake resort and easy to get to.

5/19/15 @ 4:03 PM
User since 3/23/05
Just curious how many resorts are on Dogtooth Lake? Any feedback on them? Looking for a low cost, have 4 year old and 8 year old boys, and I'm lucky that they really enjoy spending 10 hours a day in the boat. So we don't need anything fancy for cabins. Just want as much catch and release fishing that we can get. Thanks, Remi.

5/19/15 @ 12:39 PM
wally j
User since 6/10/08
This is my third yr to dogtooth and was wondering if anyine had some more input I what part of the lk or depths they fishin early June ! Pm me if ya want

6/14/14 @ 6:41 AM
big lund
User since 3/11/03
Sprout89 Have been going to Dogtooth for over 20yrs good lake. Walleyes we troll shorelines with split shot, colored bead,hook and leeches, or cast shorelines withn said rig. Slip bobbers and leeches on windy points later in the afternoon. Smallmouth use Rooster Tail spinners and small stick baits around rocks.WE will be there from 6/21-6/28 out on the outpost cabin on the island. I have an 18ft. black lund. Hope we do not have a Mayfly hatch when we are there fishing gets a little harder.

6/6/14 @ 7:13 AM
User since 6/6/14
I am also headed up to dogtooth in two weeks. I am looking for any helpful hints on what depth we should fish and what kinds of structure to fish. we have down rigger equipment. I have heard its a good trophy walleye lake..... i was curious if any one knows how the trout fishing is on the lake. thanks and good luck to every one headed up there this summer.

3/8/14 @ 6:23 AM
User since 2/11/12
Dogtooth Lake runs up to Hwy. 17 not too far east of the junction with Hwy. 71. I've always thought I ought to stop and throw out jig there for a few minutes. Anybody tried that? There are some nice big rocks along the shore to sit on and take a break.

3/6/14 @ 4:25 PM
wally j
User since 6/10/08
Heading up for dogtooth in the first of June ! Any one have any pointers for me ? Thanks

7/1/13 @ 8:04 PM
User since 12/11/05
Just a follow up on the swim baits for walleye. Tried them off and on all week with little walleye success. Only got one walleye on them, but it was a 27 1/2 and it hit hard. It was hard fending off the northern and smallies. With that said, the weather was a little too nice for walleye fishing. We had sunny and not much wind most of the week. I think with some different weather the results may have been a bit different. We managed to catch a decent amount of fish, but it was hard to find eaters. Most were in the 22 to 27 inch range. Not a bad problem to have. Already looking forward to next year.

6/30/13 @ 3:04 PM
big lund
User since 3/11/03
Just got back from Dogtooth 6/28/13 there from 6/22. Weather was perfect, cloudy some sun and some rain and wind. Did very well sat. sun. mon. Trolling split shot and hook and leech, slip bobber bobber and leech, 20 ft. of water up to 8ft. of water. Fish the windy points and shorelines. Caught 50 or so walleyes about 25 or so over 26 inches, had 3 fish 30 inches, few smaller ones for fish fry. Good smallmouth action and some big northern. Fishing got harder from Wed.-Sat,the dreaded mayfly hatch started,.(^%#$%^) made fishing harder but thats the way it goes. All in all had good trip been going there for over 20 yrs. Wayne and Patty are great people, and will help you any way they can, and the price for our cabi , gas, ice and bait was $550.00 per person which I think is a very good price.

6/17/13 @ 8:36 PM
User since 4/24/10
Let us know how they work. I was thinking of trying some later in the year at Dogtooth

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