Hello everyone! Checking in from Sunset Lodge on Oak Island! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. Here in the Angle, we've had some extreme weather come through the area: rain, thunderstorms and high winds definitely made fishing tougher in the early part of the week. Wind gusts as high as 40mph were reported at one time! But in spite of the weather, our guests were able to keep fishing and scratch out some limits of real quality fish!

On the Minnesota side of the lake, the water temps are at around 73 degrees. The North and West side of Little Oak has been producing good numbers of saugers and walleyes in depths of 25 to 30 feet. Work the offshore reefs and humps using spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers, or a jig and minnow combination, as the majority of fish have moved off the larger islands onto the mid-lake structure. The Southwest side of Oak and the areas around Four Blocks were also good producers this week. Gold, pink and orange are top color choices.

Up in Canada, the Muskie action has been getting hotter! Numerous fish are being sighted and several have found themselves at the end of anglers lines! Reports of fish in the mid 40" range have been steadily coming in, with a few reports of some monsters topping 50" being landed! If you ever get a chance to catch one of these toothy giants, you'll be hooked for life!  As far as walleyes go, the offshore reefs and humps around Bishop Bay, Deepwater Bay, and Massacre Island have been giving up fish in 18-30 feet. Drifting spinners and jigging in these area have been best. Use minnows and nightcrawlers for best results. Again, gold, pink and orange have been best. We've even had some jumbo perch showing up in these spots as well, and they have been big! 
Have a great week everyone! Be sure to book a trip and come fish with us at Sunset Lodge!
Cale Albers