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Travel updated (CORVID-19)

3/17/20 @ 7:15 AM
Josh Varickanickal
User since 2/8/19

For anyone travelling to Canada or planning to travel to a lodge/outpost this summer the situation is obviously evolving. We at CFF are hopeful that the measures being taken will help reduce the severity and spread of COVID-19. 

We will be posting updates for travellers to Canada in this thread. For the time being here is the link to the government of Canada public health website: 


Please exercise caution, protect yourself, and follow the directions of your respective governments and health agencies. 

For the time being the border closure does NOT apply to US citizens and hopefully with the measures being taken the spread of this disease will be reduced and contained allowing life to return to normal in time for the fishing season.

5/6/20 @ 9:39 AM
User since 12/1/09

Just got the news our trip for week three of the season May 30- June 6th is a no go.  We stay on Cedar Lake and camp owner confirmed he won't be ready to accept guests at that time.

This is gonna be tough on the resort owners and the NW Ontario economy.  We will be up as soon as possible.

5/5/20 @ 6:05 PM
User since 6/20/13

Do the resorts know the crisis won't be over by June 6? Is that why they are asking for a extension of benefits. 

4/28/20 @ 3:09 AM
User since 6/20/13

Ontario Premier has 3 phase plan for getting economy open.

2-4 weeks on each plan if criteria in plan is met according to health officials. Doesn't look good for May or June fishing?

4/21/20 @ 12:28 PM
User since 2/5/10

If/when the border opens it will be a slow process and will allow us camp owners to come up and get there camps ready first.I cant see many fisherman let through until they give these people a week or so to get ready.But personally i think it will get extended again.We are in a lock down up herr as well and casrs are almost non existent so thats a positive for us but letting a couple of hundred tousand people in here and some big parties that really wont be able to isolate real well in there cabins is a scary deal.Or 2-3 guys per boat.Hopefully some testing can be done prior to crossing border. 

4/20/20 @ 8:37 PM
User since 10/4/02

Our outfitter in Ontario said that the border would be closed until May 18th. We all have an opinion and mine is that this date will be moved farther before that time arrives.

4/20/20 @ 4:18 PM
MEMBER since 6/30/01

Seen an outfitter post 21st but said he highly doubts it will open. Sounded like Ontario and Quebec are getting hit harder than other areas. Even trave between Provedances is restricted.

4/20/20 @ 10:21 AM
User since 2/11/12

I'm a little confused. I've heard the current border "opening" date would be May 18th. That's 30 days from last weeks extension announcement. My camp operator told me yesterday that the current "opening" date is May 21st. That's 30 days from the previous expiration date. We're scheduled to cross the border on the 22nd of May. While I doubt that will happen, it would help if they would give us a date and not something that needs to be calculated. Does anyone know what the current "opening" date is?

4/19/20 @ 12:43 AM
User since 4/8/13

Unfortunate news:

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, April 18 (Reuters) - Canada and the United States have agreed to extend border restrictions for another 30 days to help control the spread of coronavirus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday.

Copied and pasted from MSN.

3/31/20 @ 7:16 AM
Josh Varickanickal
User since 2/8/19

The official CBSA link is posted below outlining the border closure. It appears the situation will be reevaluated on April 20 or 21. The clarity and/or direction provided on April 20/21 will likely allow outfitters to make decisions based on actual circumstances as opposed to speculation. Your patience and understanding is appreciated during these unprecedented times.

3/26/20 @ 8:05 AM
User since 3/27/06

My personal views and opinions. I can understand social distancing for a month or so. After that, asking people to stay in their homes is going to become very old. Even during this period, we have to shop in grocery stores and have other forms of limited contact with others.

I do not see fishing at a fly in camp as a very dangerous thing to do. In fact, I think it is a very safe thing to do. True, there is more contact getting in to camp and getting out of camp, but that too is very limited. I guess the most serious contact would occur for border agents who have to deal with many people each day. But certainly the risks of that contact can be limited with gloves and masks. I also realize there is contact between the camp owners and their staff and the fishermen. But that too is actually quite limited.

While I think Pres. Trump is a little ahead of the game in talking about easing up on restrictions at this time, again, I believe the population as a whole is not going to tolerate the current degree of isolation for many more weeks or months.

Let’s hope and pray that we get the situation under control soon.

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