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Tall pines fishing resort in ontario

12/31/23 @ 1:45 PM
castle rock rigger
User since 12/9/12

Has anyone been to this resort and fished wabaskang lake by  perrut falls in ontario? Will be my first time in May 2024. Your advice and experiance would be appreciated. Looking to get hold of an accuract fishing map too. Thanks!


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5/18/24 @ 6:36 AM
User since 6/24/01
It's opening day good luck to all. Save some for us next month.

5/8/24 @ 10:56 AM
User since 6/24/01
Thanks Quackshot you are right about the camp and hosts and the fishing. Our cabin does not get the wifi well so I like to have connection to get on early mornings. 
5/8/24 @ 10:07 AM
User since 1/16/11
With the exception of the covid years I have been there 5 times. I'll be there again for the opener and back again in August. Great camp and the owners Ryan and Bridget are super people. One of the things I like is how expansive the lake chain is and you can virtually always get out of the wind. Some of the lakes feature lake trout and crappies as well as the usual walleye and smallmouth. Perch fishing is outstanding as well.  Muskies are not well represented but do exist in fishable numbers. The camp Wi-Fi does reach the pavilion by the fish house. Before i retired I was able to respond to work emails if I sat at the picnic table in the pavilion. On your first visit you will note the various lake hazards are well marked by the various camps. Good Luck

If you are there for the opener I run a  black  Alumacraft 185 competitor
5/8/24 @ 6:39 AM
User since 6/24/01
Anyone have any experience using T mobile hotspot up at camp? We previously used Verizon and it worked well but now that we don't have them they want between $300-$400 for hot spot and a month of service. I can get T mobile for about $40 for hot spot and service but would like to know it works there. Service map shows up at Ear Falls and part way up 502 from Vermillion Bay.
2/15/24 @ 10:58 AM
User since 5/21/03
Dad and I fished Wabaskang for about 18 years.
Always found the better fishing was a long drive away from those camps like Tall Pines.
More walleyes and they were bigger on average.

To get the bigger ones, I would troll the largest rapala that I could buy.  Firetiger.  I put it on a 3 way to get it to the bottom.

We would jig with those little camp minnows they give you and when we got into a mess of fish, then we'd switch to plastic and bigger baits to get away from those little fish.  Then I'd troll over the area with those rapalas and get a lot of 18-26 inch fish.

I used to really enjoy going down the waterfall and into Wine Lake for Lake Trout.  Wasn't too difficult, we just trolled red eyes and caught as many as we wanted.

Always had fun on that lake.  But my advice would be to head up that chain to the last two lakes and then get serious about fishing.  
1/3/24 @ 11:35 AM
User since 1/16/11
I should probably mention that Tall Pines will provide you with a lake system map that has shaded depth contours. Not very accurate but will give you an overview of the system. 
1/2/24 @ 10:01 AM
User since 1/16/11
You have made a good choice. I have been there 4 times in the past and this year we will be  doing the opener plus an August trip. I don't know of a good paper map but both Navionics and Lakemaster have the lake but its in 5 to 10 foot contours. If you are there for the opener introduce yourself. I have a black 185 alumacraft competitor and the motor cover has the name  Drengr on the side panels. 
1/1/24 @ 9:43 AM
User since 6/24/01
I'm sure you won't be disappointed in Tall Pines. Ryan and Bridget are fantastic hosts and Earl is the best. The lake has so many options for all species you can get on a bite somewhere almost all the time. The cabins are always clean and kept up and maintained well and the boats are very comfortable and the fish always bite right over the side of the boat! 
1/1/24 @ 6:47 AM
User since 5/8/02
Castle Rock, I stayed at Kingfisher, just down the road a little bit in July of 2023. Went and looked at Tall pines tho, nice place, nice boats, real nice place if your not worried about the expense.
Lake Wabaskang is a good fishery, good perch fishing, truckloads of pike, lots of small ones, good walleye fishing. we caught most of our fish by backtrollingwith a .single hook/crawler harness. Make sure you get them with the wire leader, lots of bite offs otherwise.Little Joe makes them...called heart of steel.
Tall Pines is probably a newer resort, you don't need much to catch a ton of fish.
12/31/23 @ 2:46 PM
User since 9/15/13
Stayed there a few years back very nice resort owner is real helpful even went out with us to show us what we were doing wrong. Fishing is real good there too pitching jigs to shore.
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