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Refund of Deposit

5/7/20 @ 8:58 AM
User since 3/27/06

Wanted to know the opinion of all of you who regularly go to Canada. I’m the leader of a group. The group can change each year by one or two guys. This year two of the guys our new.One of them is in his 80s and would actually fly into Wisconsin to join us this year. Age and health issues. This was going to be is once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip to Canada. Given that we are scheduled for the second week of the season, it looks like we are out of luck.

The outfitter I use purchased the business about three years ago. We have been going to this location for well over 20 years. Overall, the new owners have been decent and good. However, they are taking the position that they will roll the deposit over for a year or two but they will not return. This is not making the 80-year-old newcomer happy, given that he doesn’t think he will be able to go next year.

I can understand losing the deposit if you voluntarily do not go on the trip. However, this does not seem right to me, given that we cannot cross the border.  What do all of you think?

7/3/20 @ 11:10 PM
User since 7/3/20

Thanks for asking...I think :-)

But would rather stay under the radar...this social media stuff, even with all good intents, can be a disaster!

7/3/20 @ 7:02 PM
User since 3/7/15


What lodge do you own ?

7/3/20 @ 3:42 PM
User since 7/3/20

Canadian Lodges owned by Americans

I am an American who owns one of a very high percentage of Canadian Lodges owned and operated seasonally by American families. As much frustration I have with much of social media because of how disgusting and misunderstood comments can be taken, I feel like this subject could benefit from hearing it from this "side of the fence". Being Americans owning a Canadian Lodge, we do not qualify for any unemployment or financial assistance on this side or that side...we fall in between the cracks. Though we do not agree with guests losing their deposit, each place will have to decide how they will handle it. We will be offering our guests options to use their deposit.

As far as lodge owners having lots of money...I wish. We earn a living in a way we wouldn't give up for anything, work hard to try and earn a living, and we take a gamble that many years down the road our asset will be our retirement. But as far as our bank accounts being awash in cash is far from reality. Anybody commenting that way should know that there'll probably be lots of lodges that will be going broke (ya, because of all the money they're swimming in) after this. And thinking it's that easy, you guys can jump in anytime and give it a try instead of just making perceived comments and criticize! We're all interested in hearing solutions along with the complaints instead of being accused of being thief's....of which there have been some over the years, but not 99.9% of them.

Lodge owners will not have an income for 20 months, and any deposits received have been spent to prepare for what now will be a totally lost season. We paid for all our promotion, advertising, Sport Shows, etc...tens of thousands, all lost! We had fully paid for shows that were canceled at the last minute and received no refund. Our fixed expenses ie taxes, permits, insurance, maintenance, etc will have to be paid for with zero income...and IF available, loans do us no good but create a deeper hole...and on and on! We cannot swallow this whole!

I am not intending to whine, so please take this for it's intent...just to inform. I could go on for hours going over the challenge, but all of us "unessential" are in this together and many of our guests have said to just keep their deposit to get us through...we won't, but those people are a big reason why we love this business!

You guys MUST know that the worst thing we can do in this industry is to piss off our guests or potential guests! I totally understand the principal of what you're seeing. I would rather give you a $1000 dollars than to be screwed out of a nickle, but a degree of understanding and help needs to be considered here. For us, thank God we will be around, but my heart goes out to many lodges and other business owners, because of nothing they had anything to do with, will be losing their business, homes they loaned against, savings, and dreams, not just a couple hundred dollars deposit.

C'mon...We all know someone whom we have NO idea the troubles they kind, be kind, be kind! 


7/2/20 @ 8:07 PM
User since 1/17/20

looks looks like it got deleted.

7/2/20 @ 1:01 PM
User since 3/7/15

What happened to the other refund by lodges post ?

5/28/20 @ 8:41 AM
User since 5/23/20

Edge-That's like saying "Why go somewhere tropical when there are beaches all over the United States?"  It's about the adventure!!  Watching the plane take off and saying "See you in a week!"

5/28/20 @ 7:16 AM
User since 6/20/13

Edge- Agree 100% about the great fishing in the US (and WI).. I have been fortunate to go to Erie numerous times, to Devils Lake,  to LA. for redfish and AK for halibut etc.  And of course Lake Mich/salmon..GB/walleye's and all the other great fishing right in our state. However, out of all those great experiences I cherish our Canadian fly-in's the most. Besides the exceptional fishing there is just so much more to being on a remote Canadian lake for a week. This COVD mess also caused me to miss some spring hunting/fishing opportunities in our own state. The border is just another issue created by this issue.. Just my .02 cents..    

5/26/20 @ 11:39 AM
User since 2/28/07

So many opportunities in U.S for great fishing and yet you go Canadian? Lessons learned???

5/24/20 @ 5:34 PM
River Restorer
User since 10/6/09

My trip to bc cancled by the border closed the lodge would roll over to next year. How ever I got trip cancled insurance my $4,000.00 check is in my hand. It is a safety net and well worth the small price.

5/24/20 @ 3:10 PM
User since 3/27/06

At the camp I  go to,  I suggested I would personally refund the deposit of two guys who do not think they can go next year and I would use the credit. I have yet to receive an affirmative respond. I sure hope the outfitters up there play with integrity. We are not responsible for the border closing. I guess we are all going to read the fine print dealing with deposits in the future................................................

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