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1/2/15 @ 3:57 PM
MEMBER since 7/1/10
Looking to go to Lac Seul, I never been there and don't have any idea where to stay, what area to stay in, would like to fish for walleye, looking for Maybe June unless someone has a better time. Would need to rent a boat. We would also hire a guide. tried the internet but it is over whelming, and still don't know what area to look at.

8/20/19 @ 8:49 AM
User since 7/27/17

I consider Lac Seul pretty stained, others might have different opinions though. 

We are headed up to the Northwest section of the lake next week. Anybody have any recent Lac Seul reports?

8/18/19 @ 8:26 PM
User since 6/20/11

Is the water in Lac Seul stained or clear?  Heading up there for the first time on September 6th and staying by Ear Falls.  Have to stock up on some jigs so trying to determine color.  

7/2/19 @ 7:40 AM
User since 4/9/03

Fished near Ear Falls from our 2 floating lodges. What a blast!

Dragged our personal boats up and extra motors for the rental boats that come with the houseboats.

Sooo many eyes caught and released...could not count one night...

Found some great spots off rock points and learned to wait for the sun to drop a bit at night (8pm!) then in they would come...4 of us boated 0ver 30 eyes one eve. So many slot fish make it a blast to fish.

Photo is from our cove where we docked the houseboats.

6/20/19 @ 5:24 AM
User since 4/9/03
Leaving tonight for White Wing Lodge. (2) 60' houseboats for our group. Heading up there for the week. Fingers crossed we have good weather and good bite.

6/20/19 @ 1:20 AM
Tank 71
User since 4/5/05

Just getting packed up for our annual houseboat trip out of Hudson.  We are leaving at 515 am.  Six of us are headed up for a week.  I'll give a report when I'm back

3/13/19 @ 1:26 PM
User since 8/10/09

Agreed that the internet is very overwhelming when it comes to a body of water that is nearly 100 miles in length. 

I have fished the northern part, southern part, and central area of LacSuel.   For mid-June I would recommend the Middle area.   As for a middle of the road Lodge with great ammenities I would recommend Fisherman's Cove.   The Resort is owned by two brothers out of Duluth, MN and have had the resort for over 25 years.   They have many options for lodging from small cabins to RV hook ups to an area where you can tent and use common shower house.   Prices are reasonable for a LacSuel resort and you can adjust per your budget.

As for the fishing - the walleye fishing is top notch probably the best fishing I have ever seen for walleyes other than Lake Erie or Lake of the Woods.   The average fish is around 22 inches due to the slot on LacSuel but gives you plenty of fish to keep for a meal and a shot at some real dandies - fish over 27inches.   The fishing that time of year is still shallower 8 - 15 feet just off structure in bays primarily.  Best technique to fish the big schools is to troll spinner rigs on the sand drop offs and then once fish are located go to jigging and pitching jigs with meat leeches, salted shinners, or plastics.  

If you would like to talk let me know through a PM and I can share more about Lac Suel and it's fun.

3/12/19 @ 8:07 PM
NSN Duke
User since 3/10/19

What numbers of walleyes are you pulling in at the end of June/early July? 

Also what are the benefits of a houseboat vs. lodge? Got any suggestions for on ground lodges? 

3/8/19 @ 3:48 PM
User since 3/4/11

I've been going to Lac Seul for the past 9 years. We've fished the east side going out of Lac Seul floating lodges and Sioux Lookout floating lodges. Houseboat is a great way to go. We've really enjoyed it.

This past year we fished the West end out of Ear Falls at Cherob resort. Rob is a great guy with nice cabins. We have not used their boats but I know they rent them as well as both houseboat companies.

Walleye fishing is primarily what we fish for and we think Lac Seul is the best we have fished. We have been going to Canada for the past 25 years and have fished at least 15 different lakes and Lac Seul has been the best.

This year we will be staying at Gawleys little Beaver lodge out of Ear Falls as well. This will be our first time there so I cannot comment on them yet but know the fishing will be excellent.

We usually go up between the 2nd week of June to the first week of July. The 2nd and 3rd weeks are a great time to go.

12/1/18 @ 10:08 AM
User since 7/6/18

Have gone to lac seul the last 8 years. Houseboat out of Hudson. Last week in July. Motor to tuk bay, close to 40 miles. Hire a guide if you've never used maps or GPS. Walleyes deeper this year, 15 to 23 fow. Jigs and leeches. Minnows or crawlers. Biggest 29 inches. Northern shallow due to temps in the 60's bloated two 36 inches. Two mornings were 50 degree air temp. Last time for me. Too many rules and regs. Got grilled by ministry guy over did I eat one or two walleyes for lunch on Thursday. I had 3 in the freezer so if I had 2, well you know what that means! $1200 for a week too much. Got raped on leech and minnows this year. Double the cost. Gas for houseboat is inflated as well. That being said, the walleye and northern fishing is second to none! And smallies getting better. In late July.9

10/4/18 @ 2:05 PM
User since 11/29/17
Heading up there on Sunday, any reports or tips?

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