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Entry to Canada.

10/6/18 @ 1:13 PM
User since 8/12/03

Can you get into the country with a DWI from 20 years ago.

8/15/19 @ 3:37 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Lot's of good reading here: LINK

Here is an interesting part of it to go along with what others have posted about getting through with an older offense:

"Prior to December 2018, if it had been more than ten years since the sentence was finished and the person had no other convictions, Canadian authorities may disregard an old DUI and grant the visitor entry into the country. This policy has since changed! As of December 2018, a DUI is a serious crime in Canada and such an offense no longer qualifies for automatic Deemed Rehabilitation after ten years. This significant change is due to the Government of Canada implementing new DUI laws that increased the maximum length of imprisonment to a decade. Consequently, impaired driving offenses are now considered too serious to qualify for Deemed Rehabilitation by virtue of time, and an American with a single DWI can now be denied entry at the Canadian border even if the offense occurred more than ten years ago ."

8/15/19 @ 2:40 PM
Flyrod Man
User since 8/13/09

I though the only thing if u got a DWI was that u couldn't drive in Canada but u could enter Canada?

8/14/19 @ 5:27 PM
User since 12/19/06

I did not look back to read if it was already posted, but the Canadian border agents don't scan everyone's passport at entry....they check randomly (or if you look suspicious).  When they run your passport through their SCMODS (I stole that from Blues Brothers), that is when they can see if you have a record.  They don't check everyone, hence some get through even when the crosser has a record....

Smile, be pleasant, take off your hat and sunglasses, and open your rear window (on the inspector's side), and you increase your chances of not getting scanned in the computer.

8/14/19 @ 9:23 AM
User since 5/30/11

You may want to check before you travel, they're stopping quite a few with even 5-10 year old OWI offenses.

8/13/19 @ 6:01 PM
User since 3/23/05

We crossed with no issues the guy had a DUI at 11 years ago. 

8/13/19 @ 8:09 AM
User since 6/20/13

Agree with Wini and it is really up to the individual border agent. This topic comes up all the time on another fishing site I visit.. I know others have recommended the person with the DUI should have a back-up plan (stay in Intl Falls for the week, have a separate mode of transportation back to his home etc.).. Better to be prepared just in case. Good luck..

8/13/19 @ 7:58 AM
User since 3/27/06

I crossed the last two years with somebody with a DUI from about 10-15 years ago. There were no problems. However, as stated many times on this list and on other lists, there’s never a guarantee, given that it will always be up to the officer at the border.

8/12/19 @ 8:43 PM
User since 10/4/02

Look at the customs website for both Canada and the US or call both to get an answer. The guy should have been looking into it before now. My guess (and only a guess) is that after that amount of time, you'd be ok but I'd still check into it to get the legal answer. Best of luck.

8/9/19 @ 9:33 PM
User since 6/20/11

Anyone have any recent success crossing with a dui?  Had a buddy drop out of our trip so don't have much time to try to get the proper paperwork completed for a potential replacement.  My friend that may go has a dui that is from about 20 years ago.  Our trip is September 7th.

5/22/19 @ 11:26 AM
User since 3/27/06

When I renewed my passport a few years ago I opted to also get the passport card that I always carry in my wallet. Great for driving both ways across the Canadian border and for ID purposes.

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