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5/29/19 @ 12:11 PM
User since 6/30/08

Headed to Eagle June 8th, heard there were many of land mines out there not on current navionics chips, wondering if this is the case? Along with that, we're headed out of Big Eagle wondering if anyone would have some tips for a first timer on the lake. Assuming eyes in many locations but I was also wondering about smallies. Is there a better location on lake than others, heard that only 15% of the shores have smaillies.

Thank You for any input

8/21/19 @ 7:01 PM
Golf Guy
User since 7/22/12

Going up there myself in 2 weeks but will be after eyes and smallies. 

Wondering if we should bring some crawlers with us ?

Never been there this late is the season before. 

Thanks in advance  

Tight Lines. 

8/21/19 @ 11:59 AM
User since 8/21/19

Have any of you guys been up to eagle around 9/1? If so what were the hot musky baits?

8/8/19 @ 2:04 PM
Esox JJ
User since 6/4/05

Thanks Deerlake. The guide we had is Jase  nicknamed "holly wood". He's only 19 years old and he said that he did play hockey when he was in high school. He grew up, and lives on Eagle lake with his parents. He pointed out his house close to where I caught the 51 incher. We had Josh for a guide last year but when we signed up for our trip Josh had gone to the mill to work so we tried Jase because of him knowing the lake and all the pictures we saw of him holding the giants. It didn't work out for Josh at the mill so he asked Jeff if he could come back and guide. So he's back also. Both these youngsters know the lake and they catch big fish, not knocking any of the other guides at TBL because they catch them too, but my buddy Gary and I like to joke around with the youngsters. So now that I caught the 51, I personally feel the pressure is off. That was one of the things on my bucket list a 50. I don't care if I catch a 55. I'm in the 50 inch club. It was awesome.


8/1/19 @ 8:06 PM
User since 6/20/13

JJ congrats on joining the 50" plus club! If you had the guide I am thinking about I remember when he started out as a dock boy and was playing high school hockey then caught that Muskie fever and has never been the same since.

My crew got back from TB lastdays of June. They found most of their walleyes still in the recently opened refuge areas in 4' of water. First couple of days they slammed them then it got hot and no wind the last three days but they still caught fish but not crazy good like usual up there. One guy caught 40" Muskie on 6# line and jig. Biggest eyes were 25 to 26". Everything was two weeks late because of spring weather.

Have a good year!

7/31/19 @ 9:13 AM
Esox JJ
User since 6/4/05

I may have posted this in the wrong Eagle Lake report, so here it is again. Sorry for the duplicate report. Just a few days late but, I just returned from Temple Bay Lodge fishing from July 19 through 26. We had Jase "hollywood" for a guide for three day's. The walleyes were in the Lone pine island area on rock humps the first few days we fished for them. We caught a lot of them, some for shore lunch and a few to bring home. Later in the week they had moved to the area around walleye rocks and dead mans. Muskies, we decided to get up early on Sunday the 21st. It turned out to be a great decision, I made the 50 inch club with a 51 incher. The fish came from fishing rocks. We had a lot of follows from big fish later that day but didn't boat any. That night when my buddy Gary and I were in our boat on our own I got another smaller muskie, 39 inches. This one was from fishing weeds. Gary caught a 35 incher later in the week also in weeds. We didn't target northerns this year but caught a few bigger ones on muskie baits and a lot of small ones. It took 11 years for me to get a fifty. Now it's my buddy Gary's turn.


7/22/19 @ 3:10 PM
MEMBER since 6/6/12

Hunted musky on Eagle Lake, Ontario, CA, week of July 13-20.
25 follows during the week.
55 inch Musky caught Monday, July 15, 2019, in Portage Bay (catch & release).
Lodge: enjoyed Birch Dale Lodge and host Marcel Pinette; accommodations in Cabin #5 were great; Marcel runs a nice lodge and has lots of returning clients; Wednesday night fish fry was outstanding and worth the trip.
Guide: Greg Bruetsch, Eagle Eye Guiding. Thank you Greg for putting on to the musky of a lifetime!
Took time out also for some walleye fishing.
Spent the week in three areas: Vermilion Bay, West Arm as far as Railroad Bay, and Portage Bay. Lots of storms to keep us on our toes.

7/9/19 @ 11:16 AM
Esox JJ
User since 6/4/05

Kyl. Sorry I can't help you with areas to try anywhere by Pine Beach lodge. I have never fished that area. I can tell you what we do where we fish though. My buddy Gary likes to throw the big blade cowgirls and madusa's. I like glide baits and crank baits. That way there are two different presentations. When fishing weeds I throw the glidders and try to keep them just above the weeds when bringing them back to the boat. When on rocks I will throw the crankbaits and bounce them off the rocks. I caught three muskies one year with a walleye colored double D. The guide we had posted pictures on face book and stated that I never took that bait off the whole week we were there. We leave on the 18th.  Getting excited just typing this. I'll post a report when we get back.


7/8/19 @ 6:42 PM
User since 7/21/08

Correct. Pine Beach lodge. 

7/8/19 @ 4:35 PM
User since 3/27/11

Kyl_me, do you mean Pine Beach Lodge? 

7/8/19 @ 3:10 PM
User since 7/21/08
Will be staying at Pine Lodge. Been reading and watching videos of guys that fish that lake. But it is a ton of water and it is not always clear where guys are fishing or what they are targeting structure wise. 

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