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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

5/21/04 @ 11:46 AM
User since 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP

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5/1/23 @ 1:16 PM
User since 3/15/08
FYI, Andy's Graystone Camp has been sold to the current owners of Cobb Bay resort. They are going to run it under the name Graystone Lake Lodge.  I don't know if anyone here fishes any of the Handcuff road lakes or uses either of these camps.  But from what I could tell both camps will be run the same way as they have in the past with Grayson offer the bush lake package.
4/28/23 @ 2:24 PM
James Mac
User since 5/12/20

Thanks for clearing the road construction questions up. I guess, I'm fortunate as I do not travel north of Silver Dollar.

Good luck on your trips and thanks again!

James Mac
4/28/23 @ 7:19 AM
User since 8/2/01
James Mac

Still full on winter up there at the moment,  Road construction and resurfacing starts May 8 on 599  North of Silver dollar, continuing North of Savant your guess is as good as mine on what direction they start from.  I will be south of Silver Dollar in June, then North of Silver Dollar and Savant in August so hopefully by then they are a little more packed in.
4/25/23 @ 8:31 AM
User since 8/2/01
James Mac,  lots of good opportunities all around Silver Dollar.  I have a friend that lives near Savant Lake and works with the Highway department / vendor in that area and see what he says.

My experience has been its been a rare year when I don't run into some type of resurfacing / bridge repair etc on 599.  The newly resurfaced stretches are the worst, it really tears the heck out of stuff.  For that very reason I have a full length mud flap (Towtector) on the back of the truck, and a Rock gard on the trailer / bow of the boat.  Also don't forget to cover your transducers, the chips will rough them up so badly that they will not work at speed.

June I am mostly on dirt road and less than 30 mph, Aug Sep, I run up to, and past Savant lake and depending on what stage of resurfacing it can be a killer on gear as you know.
4/22/23 @ 10:09 PM
James Mac
User since 5/12/20
Guidedfishing, I'll be fishing the lakes near Silver Dollar on the opener and then again during the first week of June. I am hopeful to get back sometime again in August and September. 

Have you heard of any construction occurring on 599 in 2023? From looking at some info from Ontario, it looks like there will be roadwork occurring on 599 north of Silver Dollar. Perhaps some resurfacing? Didn't see any specific start dates, just notations the work was going to occur in 2023.

Selbert, I've not fished Ellipse or Towers myself, but I have a friend who's fished Ellipse. He's not fished it in years, but if I remember correctly, he said he caught mostly smaller walleyes and the lake access was pretty good in comparison to the other lake landings in the area. Sorry that is the best I can do. 

James Mac
4/21/23 @ 10:14 AM
User since 8/2/01
So what has everyone have going up the 599 corridor this spring, summer and fall?

I will be heading into Flatrock vis Arethusa 2nd full week of June, then first full week of August on the north end of Sturgeon lake.  

Selbert, from you last post, I am not familiar with either of those lakes and I have fished a lot of them in this area over the last 30+ years.

Actually took care of my license on line yesterday and then started dreaming of chasing walleye and trout.  Won't be long.
4/12/23 @ 10:20 AM
User since 4/21/16
Has anyone fished Ellipse or Towers?  Smaller lakes but I've never tried 'em.  Just curious to see if they are worth the try??
10/15/22 @ 9:41 PM
User since 7/24/01

NWWisco, the last place I stayed in Canada was Lumberjack, which was 10 years ago. At that time it was a good place to stay, no complaints. We used it as a jumping off point, so no experience on Sturgeon.  But if you like River fishing we did well on the English river between Barrel and press lake and we would go that last week in May. 

Silver Dollar Area Ontario photo by lunkbox
10/11/22 @ 8:45 AM
User since 8/2/01

NWWisco,  Ok, Sturgeon is a different animal in comparison to the out lakes like Wintering, LOB, Watcomb, Young etc in that area.  It is probably going to be 6-10 degrees colder than the out lakes at that time of the year.  The lake trout will probably be spread all over the place, and or near the surface just depends on temps.  Walleye fishing will probably not be very friendly on Sturgeon, if you can get into Jackpot or way back into Cobb bay / Mosquito bay or further up were the river and creeks come in you might have a fighting chance on Walleye.  The lake is big, the south end is a lot more open.  Watch the weather it get can get big and rough in a hurry.  I typically fish the north end, its been a lot of year since I have spent anytime on the south end below the Sturgeon Narrows.  There is a lot of water out there so hopefully your camp can steer you in the right direction.

What I am trying to say it is not a gentle lake for a new comer both from a fishing and with potential for some pretty rough water.   It can also be very rewarding with plentiful lake trout, large pike, and some pretty nice walleye when you find them.  Good luck.

10/6/22 @ 11:15 AM
User since 3/10/21

Guidedfishing, I have not fished stuergon in the past. Only lob and watcomb. I look forward to trying a new lake. Hopefully the fishing is comparable. This will be my wife’s first trip and she opted for a cabin instead of camping on an island. 

10/6/22 @ 7:45 AM
User since 8/2/01

NWwisco,  well I have never heard anything bad about Lumberjack,  I have not personally stayed there.   Being on the south end it does provide easy jump off points to the out lakes in that area.   Have you fished Sturgeon before?  

10/5/22 @ 3:42 PM
User since 3/10/21

Does anyone have any experience with Lumberjack Lodge on Sturgeon Lake? Good or bad? Going last week in May for one week. Have fished lake of bays and watcomb in the past. This will be our first trip staying at a resort. 

10/2/22 @ 11:05 AM
User since 12/21/20

I would never let Trudeau's influence interfere with my enjoyment of Canada's people, waters & recreation.

9/30/22 @ 6:57 AM
User since 5/10/14

People should avoid canada until  that thug trudeau is gone. 

9/29/22 @ 9:25 AM
User since 8/2/01

You can camp on Lake of Bays, you will have to see what is paper company land and what is not.  You used to be able to get paper company camping permits at the Silver Dollar but that was before the current owners so some research is probably required on what is company land and what is crown land.  Fishing is always good, causeway is always a pita.  good luck.

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