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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

5/21/04 @ 11:46 AM
User since 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP

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5/31/23 @ 10:48 AM
User since 6/7/15
Has anyone taken a person under the age of 18 and bought a 1 day license on last day to bring home another limit of fish?
5/31/23 @ 9:33 AM
User since 3/3/04

I agree. I go on Lake-Link to get away from the negativity of the news and politics.

My wife and son and I are headed up Friday morning. Cross the border about 5 pm. Stay the night in Thunder Bay. Arrive at Young Lake Lodge about noon Saturday. Looks like we won't be burning in the heat with temps in the upper 60's to low 70's and not much rain in the forecast as of yet. Fingers crossed as weather is the only thing that can put a damper on our week in God's country.
Silver Dollar Area Ontario photo by 14ftdown
Silver Dollar Area Ontario photo by 14ftdown
Silver Dollar Area Ontario photo by 14ftdown
5/31/23 @ 8:59 AM
User since 8/2/01
Lunkerhunt  if you could bring something positive to the conversation that would be great.  As it is no one cares what your politics are.  ?
5/30/23 @ 11:17 AM
User since 5/17/17
Have you fished this area? IMHO the best fishing for the money in Ontario without the fly-in price tag. That's why I could care less about Trudeau and his policies.
5/26/23 @ 11:55 AM
User since 4/21/16
So, anyone know how to get into the Flying Loon?  It's been a while (about 12 or 13 years) since I've been on it.  Thanks.
5/26/23 @ 7:37 AM
User since 5/10/14
Why would anyone want to spend money in a country with a leader like trudeau? He hates you. 
5/20/23 @ 8:45 PM
User since 4/2/13
No live or dead bait allowed into Ontario
5/19/23 @ 1:51 PM
User since 5/17/17
Anyone know if we can bring crawlers across the border this year? We will be in Silver Dollar June 12-19.
Thanks in advance!
5/16/23 @ 1:09 PM
Walleye 88
User since 7/29/21
I am hearing the same thing.  Low water levels.  Still ice on lakes, but going out soon.
5/14/23 @ 6:25 PM
Canada Bound
User since 2/19/10
I just got home from Sturgeon Lake. I would say the lake is at least a foot below normal for this time of year. The bay I am in was only about half frozen I suspect in two or three days the lake should be opened up, but I could not get to the main part of the lake yesterday.

5/11/23 @ 6:43 AM
User since 3/27/06
My contact in Red Lake reports that water levels are low for springtime.
5/10/23 @ 9:17 PM
User since 3/17/12
Wondering if anyone knows what lake levels are at this spring? Heading up may 26th. 
5/6/23 @ 3:38 PM
User since 6/20/13
Temple Bay Resort on Eagle Lake has a Facebook video this week showing the water levels way down. Jeff also states there’s not much snow for runoff to improve the low levels.
5/6/23 @ 8:18 AM
User since 4/21/16
Does anyone have info on lake water levels? I was thinking I read somewhere that this year was well above average for snowfall.
5/2/23 @ 2:58 PM
User since 8/2/01
Jamie and Sherri who own Cobb Bay are nice folks,  They used to run Handcuff and all the bush lakes from their camp already, probably just wanted some extra space since its right on their back door.  Good for them.
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