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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

5/21/04 @ 11:46 AM
USER SINCE 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP


1/4/21 @ 11:41 AM

Fish Watcom and Young a lot.  Have been on Sowden and Sturgeon, but not a whole lot.  Elypse(?) and Pike often. Lake of Bays many times.  Would like to learn Sturgeon for trout.  Stay at Silver Doller. 8 years.  Usually first week in June.  First few years alays the opening week in May.  Fantastic fishing but weather could be brutal.  My fishing partner who introduced me to this area (may he rest in peace)  had a 50in northern right up to the boat on Watcom back by the falls.  8lb test line fishing for Wallys. Just as I was about to net it, it dove under the boat and snapped his $300 St Croix rod six inches above the reel!  St Croix replaced rod. I know 50in.  46in on my wall. Sure missed last spring.  Prey we get there this spring.  Also lost out on Moose hunt in Brit Col because of '19'.

12/15/20 @ 10:00 AM

NP Arod!

If we get to go in 2021, you really should stop in at Harris Bay and have a coffee with Bill.

If he is still up and kickin, (In his 80's) he is so interesting to chat with. He has a house just past the resort on the point.

You will love it!

Love this guy!

12/15/20 @ 9:23 AM
Canada Bound
USER SINCE 2/19/10

I have always wanted to investigate the old Prisoner of war camps that are over by flying loon from World War II i’ve been told there is really nothing to see anymore that it’s all in ruins or taken down but that kind of stuff I find interesting.

12/15/20 @ 8:25 AM
USER SINCE 2/26/13

Thanks Res and Canada, I find the history of Sturgeon to be quite interesting. The owners of the resort we stay at are second generation owners and have shared some info on the lake that has peaked my interest. They have told me about a book and actually have said they have a copy but unfortunately unable to locate it. Any info you are willing to share is welcomed. Sure hope we are able to travel in this summer as I truly miss my time on Sturgeon.

12/14/20 @ 6:19 PM

If anyone wants an accurate (and very interesting) history lesson, hire Guide Bill Groves over at Harris Bay Resort. (If he still guides, if not, he is an incredible storyteller) If he is, you will have more fun just touring Lake and listening. And he sure knows the fish! He is easily one of my favorite people I've met in my life.

Bill is in his 80's I believe and he was born and raised on Sturgeon Lake. His family started both the Sturgeon Lake Lodge and the orignal Gold Mine. They also were the 1st commercial fishermen to work the lake. Bill is actually quite a local hero, saving a number of wildland firefighters from burning up by plowing a dozer loaded with fire pumps hoses and gasoline cans right through the blaze.....I heard the paint was burned right off and he was singed a little but never stopped. The other dozer bailed out. This was true hero stuff. If I remember correctly, he even rode the train to work at some point too!

Awesome guy

12/14/20 @ 5:38 PM
Canada Bound
USER SINCE 2/19/10


In regards to the history of Sturgeon lake. I have a three ring binder up at my cabin with all kinds of information on it. there was a college professor that wrote lots about the sturgeon lake area when he used to come up to that part of Canada in the 40s and 50s. He used to stay at the loging camps and rent a cot from them on those early fishing trips. I also heard stories that there’s some gold bars lying on the bottom the Sturgeon Lake because there was some shipwreck gold back in the day. I’m not much for reading but I stayed up to three in the morning reading that binder when I first got my hands on it, it’s very interesting. Whenever I am allowed back up to my cabin I can share more information with you. Otherwise you can message me and I can tell you what I can remember. The information about the brothel I never heard before but I wouldn’t doubt it.

12/3/20 @ 11:14 AM
USER SINCE 9/27/01

We saw the tugboat last fall while we were out fishing. Not sure what they use it for but it's still in operation. 

12/2/20 @ 4:51 PM
USER SINCE 2/26/13

Been fishing Sturgeon Lake for 25 years and have been told by a second generation local that it has a very interesting history. I understand that years ago it was a very busy lake with a gold mine, a hotel, tug boat service and even a brothel. I've been told that there has been a book written about it's history but unfortunately I haven't been able to find. Even talked with the librarian in Ignace. So just wondering if anyone has any information about Sturgeon or any knowledge of the book. Just curious.

9/2/20 @ 3:33 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/02

The nice thing about the border being closed is you learn to live without it. I have no problem spending my money in the states. I'll have no problem spending my money and time in the states next summer. Canada is going to do what it is going to do. I for one am ready to continue supporting those vested in this country. 

9/2/20 @ 9:25 AM
Johnson Creek
USER SINCE 4/26/09

I think it will open in the Spring; Canada is feeling the effects of no tourism... it may look like Alaska (Testing Negative within 3 Days of Crossing) but I suspect something will change between now and the Spring.  I believe there was a news article indicating a 40% contraction in their economy between June and August... I think they are optimistic they'll recover sooner than the US as they don't have cases but most of our States are nearing a 90% recovery while cases are still climbing.  Much of Canada is reliant on the border being open even though they don't want to admit that.  Western Ontario is heavily reliant on American's and if they don't open in the Spring many of the resorts we generally go to won't ever open with the same ownership.  It's unfortunate but thus far their Government is offering very little in the way of support for Resort Owners.  Maybe just optimistic but I sure hope it opens.

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