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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

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5/21/04 @ 10:46 AM
User since 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP

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6/14/22 @ 11:21 AM
User since 3/3/04

Couple more pics

6/14/22 @ 11:18 AM
User since 3/3/04

Fished the week of 6/4. Fish were shallow and the water was high. We caught all of our fish in less than 10 ft. Walleyes were a little slower in the beginning of the week with the lake fly hatch. The ones we caught were throwing up bugs. The northern fishing was very good. 42 was the biggest but we had 18 between 38 and just under 40. My son Brady had the biggest walleye at 27" and it was hard to catch any under 18" with the ave about 20 and alot in the 25 inch range. My wife had the biggest of the year on for awhile and after maneuvering around the trolling motor it took a big run and the spoon popped out. She was pretty depressed after that but she won for the most big fish of the year. Caught all of our walleye on plastics. 

6/13/22 @ 9:50 AM
Canada Bound
User since 2/19/10

Got back yesterday from a week stay at my cabin I had lots of work to do so I only got to fish a few days. Walleye fishing still really good and we had some nice northerns as well while fishing for a walleyes I ended up catching this big pig one day on 6 pound test. We goa few trout but I would say they were a little slow or somewhat  scattered. The ones we caught were in the shallows.

6/11/22 @ 12:47 PM
User since 3/23/05

Returning home today after fishing the past week.  Water temp was 54F and at the end of the week it was 57F.   I would say the water is 3 foot high.   Saw a few may fly hatch in the shallow warm bays.  Fishing was great for smallmouth they were pre-spawn.  Northern were hitting our jigs when walleye fishing but we only caught a few casting shallow for northern.  Walleye fishing was good but lots only hitting light or holding it.  I feel it was the cold water and north breeze all week. 

6/1/22 @ 8:31 AM
User since 3/3/04

Thanks Dodger. I'd love to try a new lake this year and if we make it in to Sowden I will send a report.

6/1/22 @ 8:08 AM
User since 5/17/17


We stay at Silver Dollar Inn and Campground and always get our maps from them.  If you are not staying there maybe they would sell them to you?  Not sure.  We also have a folding map that shows most of the lakes in the area but no depths. Its great for driving to new lakes. 

I also found this site. Hope it helps!



6/1/22 @ 8:01 AM
User since 5/17/17

14ft.  Sowden is a sand landing with a moderate rough road heading in.  There can be washouts from beaver dams too.  You definitely need 4WD to launch.  There is a campground right at the landing.  Great smallie fishing, great weedbeds for big northerns.  Not great numbers for walleyes but a chance at a trophy!  My Father in law broke off a 10 + pounder behind the motor a few years ago.  Biggest I've seen in Canada.

6/1/22 @ 7:51 AM
User since 8/2/01

Arod,  Judy said as far as she knew it was not fixed yet maybe by later this summer.

5/31/22 @ 2:45 PM
User since 2/26/13

Does anyone have any information on the landing to Minchin Lake. The landing was just off of 599 about 90 miles north of Silver Dollar. Before covid we heard rumors that they were going to improve 599 because of added traffic from the gold mine north of this point. Rumor then was that the landing would be closed. The landing was not very good and had to park on 599. It certainly was a fun lake to fish. Haven't fished it in four or five years.

5/31/22 @ 1:39 PM
User since 8/2/01

Hi Teddy,

Vern's Minnows in Ignace usually has hard copies for many of the local lakes.  They are okay but certainly the detail is less than stellar. 

Another option is the Canadian Lake mapping tool which is helpful. 



There are some atlas companies that sell lake maps and some of the lakes you listed are actually on the lake master chip for Ontario.

My experience is that it's difficult to find anything thing with a high degree of accuracy from a depth perspective on those lakes.  So a rough map that you fill in the detail is about as good as you will get.  Even the Lake Master lakes unless they are HD are just rough guides.  I find them beneficial for Navigation on the bigger lakes but I would not trust depth on any of them only in the most general sense.

Good luck

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