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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

5/21/04 @ 11:46 AM
USER SINCE 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP


8/18/21 @ 9:07 AM
USER SINCE 6/25/21

Thanks Canada Bound!  Looks like it has been pretty warm also.  We are heading to that area this Saturday.   Excited to just get onto the water. 

8/18/21 @ 9:01 AM
Canada Bound
USER SINCE 2/19/10

I just got back from eight days at my cabin. We were the sixth  vehicle to enter Canada when the border opened… we got in with no issues it took around eight minutes per vehicle. the way back home entry was a piece of cake. I had lots of work to do at my cabin because no one was there for a year and a half but I did get some fishing in. The walleye fishing on sturgeon and lake trout fishing on sturgeon were excellent, the water level is  so low it limited my options on fishing some of those smaller lakes I like because several creeks were to shallow to navigate a boat into.

8/13/21 @ 7:47 AM

JCBoys,   well a 14ft alum boat with a 20hp motor is hard to beat for the type of fishing and landings you will encounter.   In many cases that is about as big of a boat you can get in some places.   

I think that is wise to get one of those camps and get a feel for it.  We typically camp on our spring trip and even with our much bigger boats barely fit all the gear in for a weeks worth of camping in comfort.  All the camps you mentioned are on or close to the water.  Silver Dollar is a wide spot in the road on 599, basically a small road size hotel, and cabins etc.  Dinner, bait, and gas.  Sturgeon Lake is big 50+ miles long 5 miles wide in spots.  It can be fished in a 14ft boat, but holy cow have I been out there when a storm comes up, and they will come out of no where.  It can get big and rough.  Just be aware.  Sturgeon can be stingy some days as well, and may require some long rides to get on fish.  The good news is the many close out lakes that typically crank out fish.

I have never stayed at Young Lake, but have launched there more than once, nice clean camp just up the road from Silver dollar, easy access to several lakes if you don't want to beat yourself up and plenty of action.  If the weather is for crap somedays a few hours of fishing and some fun and snacks in the camp goes a long way with the young ones.

Beware, those logging road, many become impassable after a few years of overgrowth unless they are used often.  Remember getting the boat in is one thing, getting it out is an entirely different story.  Give that consideration at the landing if you can really call them that.

No idea how old your boys are, but I started taking my son up when he was 10 roughly 20 years ago.  Keep it enjoyable, fishing in bush can be a heck of a lot of work some days so keep that in mind.  And I am sure you know and have been told, but make sure they have decent rain gear.  You don't want to wreck such a wonderful experience by having a couple of miserable kids, between weather, bugs, etc.  Keep them engaged but don't over do it for them.  I remember the first few years my son was going with I spent a lot more time letting him cast for Pike,  he did not care what as long as there was something pulling back.  He developed into a heck of a walleye & lake trout fisherman.

You will have fun, and build some wonderful memories with the boys.

As a side note.  Having young boys in the boat stuff is going to happen,  rods go overboard, one year I think every set of pliers I had in the boat went in the lake.  Be willing to accept honest mistakes with a smile.

Water levels are extremely low there right now so between that and forest fires its a added dimension.


8/12/21 @ 2:41 PM
USER SINCE 5/20/20


First Thank you for your comments

We will likely stay at Silver Dollar, Sturgeon Lake Lodge, Young, Moose Creek,  cabin preferred (if available) but we are not opposed to camping and will be at one of the camps above.  

We will be bringing our 14' alumacraft up, nothing special just a small aluminum boat with a 20 horse.  

My buddy had a few old topo maps showing alot of the logging roads in the areas and i have looked online at google maps and saw where to get close to the lakes and possibly launch.  Im sure the camps will help narrow the launches down.  My buddy cannot remember what lakes on the map are private logging land.  He just mentioned that they own 1000's of acres right around Silver Dollar.

My concern is accidentally crossing into Logging land and launching and coming back to slashed tires from the loggers if we are not supposed to be there.  Or having a negative encounter with the MNRF driving on land we are not supposed to be on.

Your comment "Less than perfect trails and challenging landings" just gets me more amped to head up.  low boat traffic, not a lot of guys in boats with 150hp motors tearing up the lake at 50 mph and likely little fish pressure.  

Thanks again for any advice Guidedfishing

8/12/21 @ 2:06 PM


All or most of the area directly around Sturgeon Lake is and has been off limits to non-resident camping for as long as I can remember.  

Lake of Bays, is almost entirely surrounded by Paper Company land.  I am not sure if that is still Abitibi yet or not.  When we did camp there you were required to purchase a camping permit from the paper company much like buying a camping permit to camp on Crown land.

The roads into many of the lakes, like Lake of Bays can be rough on equipment and not very friendly to bigger boats in 17 - 18ft range.  It can be done but it is a slow go, brush scraping the side of truck and boat kind of deal in many situations.

Since your not familiar with the area, one option may be to just get a room at Marty's in Silver dollar, you can then venture out and back to one of the many lakes in the area, and at the same time get some tips from Marty.

Some easy access may be Watcomb, Wintering, Lake of Bays is not horrible but you do need to know where you are going as access is gained through a small lake, and long channel then Lake of Bay's itself is fairly large, and the causeway can be challenging.   It is good walleye and Pike fishing and Trout in the big water on the north end.  Also many of the resorts will allow you to launch for a fee.  ie. Young Lake etc.

There are a pile of lake on that 599 corridor all with less than perfect trails to them along with challenging landings.  

8/12/21 @ 12:15 PM
USER SINCE 5/20/20

Off a recommendation from a friend that stayed in the area years ago I am hoping to get to the Silver Dollar Area with my boy still this summer.  My friend did mention that there is a lot of private forest logging land in the area.  Can anyone elaborate on the private forest land.  Is it truly private land no trespassing.  Or is it like much of the managed forest land I'm used to that you can drive on established roads, use established boat ramps, stay out of active logging sights and out of the way of the loggers your fine have fun.  

If it is truly no trespassing where do I find a map, to know where to stay out off.  

My friend mentioned lakes like - Sturgeon, Lake of Bays, Penassi, to name a few that he fished years ago.  Are any of these now in private and not accessible?  

7/31/21 @ 8:16 AM
USER SINCE 2/26/13

Thanks Guidefishing for the info on fishing this time of the year. We are so looking forward to our trip. We certainly miss everything that goes into the trip. Please give us a report upon your return. Kind of have a feeling we may be fishing out of the same camp.

7/30/21 @ 9:26 AM


Have been fishing this time of year for many years in that area.  Usually as our 2nd or 3rd trip of the season.   Now I don't know what it will be like this year due to the sudden influx of tourist fisherman, but we found this time of year very enjoyable.  Typically the fishing is as good or better than spring.  You will still be in a summer pattern, in the past there had been very little presence of other fisherman.  Bear hunters are usually the game in town at this point.   

If the goal posts are not moved between now and then we will be on Sturgeon the week of the 21st of Aug.  It just worked out that way for us with all the craziness this year.   With the extremely low water levels on Sturgeon it may create additional concerns to be aware of, as well as may of the out-lakes we fish may or may not be accessible. 

You can have 80 degree days or you could have snow and sleet.  I have seen it all in September.  Usually cool crisp mornings and the aspen just starting to turn makes a great time.  

you will still find trout deep, it will be too early at that time for them to start moving up on the reefs to start spawning yet.  Walleye's will be on lake humps and bunched up.  If you are not careful you may find a new favorite time to fish Ontario..

good luck 

7/29/21 @ 7:43 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18

Walleye & Arod,  Just show up at the US border with your passport and you're good to go.  As a US citizen with a valid passport they can not deny you entry to return home.  

7/29/21 @ 7:32 PM
USER SINCE 2/26/13

Our group is heading to the north end of Sturgeon on September 3rd. Have never gone this late but so looking forward to it. Got all info to get in but curious what the info is to get back home.

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