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Silver Dollar Area Ontario

5/21/04 @ 11:46 AM
USER SINCE 10/19/01
Just interested to see if anyone fishes this area of Ontario. My group will be making it's 12th trip to the area later this summer. We stay at Moose Creek Camp about 8 miles north of Silver Dollar. We fish a number of different lakes in this area. Some of our favorites are Wintering, Sowden, Sturgeon, Young and Watcomb. I would enjoy comparing ideas and stories with fisherman who have spent time in this area. JEP


7/5/22 @ 2:48 PM
USER SINCE 4/21/16

My group was there from June 26th thru July 1 (Canada Day!). We were welcomed on Sunday with heavy rains and strong winds. We didn't even attempt to put boats in the water. Although we did have fun fishing the flowage between watcomb and hut from shore. The week's weather didn't really improve. It was very, very, very windy most of the time. This limited when and where we could fish. That wind really wears you out quickly. Relentless was the adjective that comes to my mind when describing it. Even some of the guys in bigger boats didn't even leave camp a couple days. This was especially disappointing because I took 2 newbies up with me. Although they were both impressed with the health of the Canadian fisheries, I would grade that week with a solid C. Very average in numbers and size. This again was mostly because we couldn't get to the fish. Very limited on when and where to go.

Water Temps were around 67 at the beginning of the week and dropped to 62 by the end on lakes like lake of Bays, watcomb, Young, whiterock. Sturgeon Lake was mid 50's.

Walleye were good and easy to catch when we were on the water. Average size was 17in. Actually we just started finding the biggers at the end of the week.

We never targeted big pike, but caught several over 30in when walleye or bass fishing.

Speaking of the bass, I was so confused as to where they are in the spawn cycle. In years past we catch a ton of shallow water spawning fish during the last week of June. This year we caught a few, but not like previous trips. The ones we did catch were fat and big. Most over 2.5lbs. But not as hot as usual. Again, white caps and wind kept me off a lot of my good spots. They may have been there but difficult to get the right bait in front of them.

Still a lot of fun and better fishing than most places in the states. Loved the Northwoods and can't wait to get back. Saw a couple big moose, bears, wolves, and even got to watch some eagles catch a few fish.

6/27/22 @ 3:28 PM
USER SINCE 5/20/20

Boundary Lake Question

Our Group Picks a portage in lake to explore.  We want to try Boundary Lake.  It looks like the most direct route is right by a cabin we can see on google maps & Ontario ArcGIS software.  According to the GIS it shows the cabin is on Crown Land, we cannot believe someone would put that much work into a cabin on crown land.  Does anyone know how to get to Boundary Lake? Is anyone on here owner of the cabin that can DM me?  

6/17/22 @ 9:23 AM

Thanks Jibberish. We fished Young a few times. Lake fly hatch made it tough for walleyes but even then the fishing was better than most days in Wi. Tammy had a monster pike follow up and swim under the boat. That was a heart breaker.

6/16/22 @ 4:16 PM
USER SINCE 5/29/06

Nice catch there 14ftdown! Did you all fish Young Lake much, I'm pretty sure you popped some big ones on Lake....Well I don't want to give away your secrets, you know the lake I speak of here!

6/16/22 @ 12:11 PM

I'll try again...  

6/14/22 @ 12:24 PM

The crappie pic and the fish fry pic are not from Canada. Not sure where those came from.

6/14/22 @ 12:21 PM

Couple more pics

6/14/22 @ 12:18 PM

Fished the week of 6/4. Fish were shallow and the water was high. We caught all of our fish in less than 10 ft. Walleyes were a little slower in the beginning of the week with the lake fly hatch. The ones we caught were throwing up bugs. The northern fishing was very good. 42 was the biggest but we had 18 between 38 and just under 40. My son Brady had the biggest walleye at 27" and it was hard to catch any under 18" with the ave about 20 and alot in the 25 inch range. My wife had the biggest of the year on for awhile and after maneuvering around the trolling motor it took a big run and the spoon popped out. She was pretty depressed after that but she won for the most big fish of the year. Caught all of our walleye on plastics. 

6/13/22 @ 10:50 AM
Canada Bound
USER SINCE 2/19/10

Got back yesterday from a week stay at my cabin I had lots of work to do so I only got to fish a few days. Walleye fishing still really good and we had some nice northerns as well while fishing for a walleyes I ended up catching this big pig one day on 6 pound test. We goa few trout but I would say they were a little slow or somewhat  scattered. The ones we caught were in the shallows.

6/11/22 @ 1:47 PM
USER SINCE 3/23/05

Returning home today after fishing the past week.  Water temp was 54F and at the end of the week it was 57F.   I would say the water is 3 foot high.   Saw a few may fly hatch in the shallow warm bays.  Fishing was great for smallmouth they were pre-spawn.  Northern were hitting our jigs when walleye fishing but we only caught a few casting shallow for northern.  Walleye fishing was good but lots only hitting light or holding it.  I feel it was the cold water and north breeze all week. 

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