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4/18/23 @ 4:12 AM
User since 1/17/10

Just wondering where everyone is going this year. I'm looking for new ideas for possibly next year.

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6/11/23 @ 5:10 AM
User since 1/17/10
Percheye, could you PM me. I have some questions for you about Tall pines.
6/8/23 @ 4:49 PM
User since 6/20/13
Wini-  Glad you had a great trip. Assume Chimo still has Keeper Lake?? I know they changed hands a few years ago. Assume you are happy with the new owners? Flew out of Red Lake for years and always good trips. Still looking at a potential 2nd trip in Sept. Man I love fishing remote lakes in Canada!!! 
6/8/23 @ 10:05 AM
User since 3/27/06
Got back Sunday from a fly in to keeper Lake, about 50 miles northwest of Red Lake. The weather was unbelievably good. Water levels slightly lower than normal. Fishing was some of the best ever. Many spots provided action almost as fast as you could drop a twister into the water. We played the numbers game a couple of days and two guys in a boat could easily do 200 to 300 fish. I agree with kona77 in this analysis, but we did not catch as many eyes over 22 inches.. We also ran into the detour in Duluth superior but we followed the signs and got through it. It was clear sailing on the highways all the way to Red Lake. We had some backup at the border going in at international Falls, but it wasn't bad. No problem taking in eggs or anything else. I hope everybody else has a similar experience and a great trip to Canada.
6/6/23 @ 6:29 AM
User since 4/8/10
I am going to Kabeelo Lodge near Ear Falls, ON. It's my first time back to Canada in 10 years, but maybe my ?10th time to Kabeelo lifetime. 

It's a fly-in outpost service with outposts on several lakes. Walleye and pike are the features species. One lake also has Lake Trout. 

Family owned with next generation taking over. Excellent service, excellent fishing. The fly in outpost experience is very unique and you get to lakes with the most minimal fishing pressure. Lots of 16" to 18" walleyes to eat, we've caught many big ones up to 31" over the years. I would say the typical big fish of a trip is about 25" to 28". We catch northern incidentally and have gotten some 40" plus. 

6/5/23 @ 5:30 AM
User since 6/24/01
15th year at Tall Pines camp on Wabaskang. Great camp really great boats and a great lake with many options. 
6/3/23 @ 10:50 AM
User since 6/20/13
Just returned from another great Canada trip. Fished Wright Lake with Clarks Resorts. Fished Wright at the end of May/2019. What a difference in weather!!! Had snow/sleet on the first day in 2019 along with North/Northeast winds for much of the week. This past week was sunny and 70's with South/Southeast winds the whole week. Water temps 49-51 to start the trip and in the 60's by the end of the week. Had to spend a day or two to find "new hotspots" that were mainly on south facing shorelines. Similar to 2019 we caught a lot of walleye's in the 18"-22" range with a dozen or so 23" and 24" being the largest eyes. Took a few extra days to find the larger gators and we ended up with 34 fish over 30"..21 of those came the last two days. A real heavy/wide 42.5" was the biggest gator with several others between 36"-40". Had some other encounters with fish we knew were 40" plus but were not able to get in the boat.  Water was a little higher so it was easier to get into the portage lakes (Granite Boss and Kaminiskag). Granite Boss was on fire for the two days we fished it. Lot's of 17"-20" walleyes. 
We were the first group in at Wright and had an issue with the generator the first night. Contracted the Clarks the next morning and they flew in another generator the same day. Great service from them.  10th trip with the Clarks and all have been great trips. May take a fall trip and we have booked Wright again for next year.  No issues at the border (Int Falls) but crossed around 3;00PM both days. They are doing some work on the bridges in Duluth so had some detours on Hwy 53 but not a big issue. Safe travels to any one else heading North.
4/20/23 @ 1:47 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06
I’ve been to Temple Bay many times prior to Bob and Peg selling.  It was a first class resort and offered some fantastic fishing. Our Walleye fishing was usually done early morning and a few hours prior to sunset. The rest of the day we would target SM Bass, Pike and Musky.

For Walleyes, we would primarily fish a jig and minnow once we locate them. You can troll deep running crank baits to help find them and then cast or use a controlled drift with the jig/minnow combo.

The Pike can be caught anywhere from in the weeds to off the drip offs. For the weeds you can use the Johnson Silver Minnow tipped with either white or black twister tails or any other lure that you can let drop in the pockets. Spinners can also be used if you can keep them out of the weeds.

One of the best all around lures for both Pike and SM is a Mepps #5 Anglia in any color (natural w/red and white blade is my favorite).

Don’t be afraid to try rattle baits or anything that makes a little noise. The fish do seem to react well to them. 

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to PM me
4/20/23 @ 12:46 PM
User since 6/20/13
Hockeyguy- Our group usually fishes early season but most Canada fishing threads/reports from that time period has guys fishing deeper (15-25 fow) structure for walleye's. They are usually jigging or pulling lindy rigs/bottom bouncers with crawlers. I know many Canadian lakes have incoming/outgoing water flows and you can always find walleye's in current year round.  Not sure about throwing cranks but you could certainly troll some deep running hard baits to catch fish on these deeper humps/structure.I know Eagle Lake is a huge body of water and I am sure the folks at Temple can give you some advise. 

As far as gators go our three main baits are Johnson Silver minnows (silver of gold) tipped with some type of white plastic trailer.. for spoons we have had good success on Dr. Spoons (gold, copper, perch colors) and we also have luck with various Mepps spinners. We never are on lakes with SMB so I can't make any recommendations. Hope you find some big fish for your dad and have a great trip.
4/20/23 @ 8:08 AM
User since 8/24/07
Going to Temple Bay Lodge end of July/beginning of August. Hoping for a good week of fishing and really want to see my dad tie into a few nice fish. We'll have a guide two days and be on our own the rest of the week, although the group we're going with has been there a number of times.

I tend to over pack when it comes to gear, so trying to put a list together of what I should bring. If anyone has answers to the following questions or any recommendations, let me know!
At that time of year, are walleyes pretty much exclusively a jig bite? Or would casting husky jerks/thundersticks have some success?
What's best for northerns? 
What's best for smallmouth?

4/19/23 @ 7:15 AM
User since 6/20/13
Going to Wright Lake thru Clark's Resorts at the end of May.. 10th trip with them on 5 different lakes. Always great fishing and a good time.
4/18/23 @ 6:14 AM
User since 8/21/11
Anderson's Manitou Falls Camp on the English River west of Ear Falls. 20+ years. Camp is nothing fancy but the fishing is always good.
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