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3/12/21 @ 9:05 AM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link

Keep this on topic! 


8/6/22 @ 5:19 AM
USER SINCE 1/17/10

Toughontrout, If you get a random you might have to stop at a restaurant to get wifi to do the random. We didn't get one when we crossed in july.  Thunderbay should have a place to get wifi. Good luck and hopefully you don't get one. Hopefully they get rid of them by next year. 

8/5/22 @ 9:41 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

TNT-  I do not know anything about the Pigeon Falls area but depending on the time of day you could consider stopping at a restaurant that has Internet/WI-Fi access and try taking the test then.  All the guys in my truck had internet access as we crossed into International Falls but we lost it as soon as we got on to Hwy 502. We were just happy to not get the random test. If we did, we had discussed stopping somewhere in Int/Falls (like a restaurant) and taking the test there. I have no idea what happens if you just say "the heck with it" and don't take the test. I assume they have the data logged into Arrive/Can so that may impact future trips assuming they keep this process. Good Luck.  

8/5/22 @ 1:46 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

Ok, how's this gonna work? I cross @ Pigeon River and go 4 1/2 hours Northwest, ( 2 hours are on logging roads ) to the cabin that I stay @. The only communication that we have is a sattelite phone 4 emergencies. We don't even have electricity, so IF I got a random test, how in ths world could I follow their instructions? Just wondering.

8/5/22 @ 10:05 AM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

Mike C

I have an iPad. I took pictures of all my friends passports and vac card. I did the ArrCan for all of us on my iPad and submitted it and got my receipt. Then I did it again on my desk top computer and got another receipt and made paper copies and had it in the truck when we crossed but didn’t need it. I at first was going to use my IPad to cross with the ArrCan app but I saw on a site that there is no Wi-Fi at the border so I did the desk top computer and old fashioned paper copy if needed. Probably overkill but I didn’t want three guys being not happy we couldn’t get across because I might have screwed up, but I didn’t mess up so it worked out.

8/4/22 @ 9:36 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

A guy posted this about the random COVD test on Walleye Central if you cross at Fort Frances. There is a drop-off box for the tests in Fort Frances. Agree this is a mess and am just happy our group did not have to test. Also a link to the Health Care provider.

According to this website the hours are 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

We didn't get tested this June, but we got the random tests last year. It's a lot easier to do the test with a good internet connection and a table in front of you. We stopped at La Place Rendez-vous for lunch and the internet connection. The drop off site was at 600 Scott in Fort Frances. It's a box outside of taxi/u-haul rental shop. Nothing fancy.

8/4/22 @ 6:49 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18


The whole testing system up there seems pretty screwed up.  You're right, they just need to go ahead and fully open the border.  This thing is going to be with us for years and we just need to all learn to live with.  Stop with the masks, lockdowns and the rest.

I'm going up in Sept. and talked with my camp owners last week and they said the same about their bookings this year which surprised me,  I thought everyone would be chomping at the bit like I am to get up there.

Did anyone in your group do the whole ArriveCAN thing through their computer rather than a smart phone?  Any issues using a computer vs. a smart phone?  2 of us in my group are not very proficient with a smart phone.  I have one but I'll be damned if I can figure out half of it.  Hell, I still remember the novelty of a push button phone vs rotary dial back in the day.  Thanks     

8/4/22 @ 6:17 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

Mike C,

I am not sure if when the Border Officer scans the passport that it flags and randomly picks an individual and locks in his name as having given him the test envelope? I can’t believe they don’t keep track of who they gave it to. I wonder what Percentage are completed or that they have problems with. What if the parcel service loses your envelope? The burden  on you to prove otherwise? The lodge we stayed at just posted this week that American bookings are down 40%. They need to open the border!

8/4/22 @ 5:32 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18

Deerlake1, The guy that got the test pack, did they take down his info?  If not, then there is no way for them to follow up and check if he actually took the test. 

8/4/22 @ 5:14 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13


We all did the ArriveCan. We were in separate trucks. Eights guys two trucks and one guy got the random test envelop. I looked at the directions briefly and thought they were very poorly done. Pictures and very little info, nothing about 24 hours to complete that I saw. I might have missed it as I looked at it briefly. Canada ditched the previous company that was handling the process and gave it to the new one when we crossed. If you don’t have a fancy phone I don’t know how they expect you to do it. I have an old fashioned flip phone that doesn’t even get service across the border. If you cross the border at 3am and they don’t start doing the tests till 7am and you jump on a plane to a fly in lake at 6am how do you complete the test? Canadian report out yesterday that the No travel they had in Canada was put together by politicians and never scientists. Clueless in Canada. Just like down here.

8/4/22 @ 9:17 AM
USER SINCE 3/24/13

If u scroll back a page or 2 I posted my experience with the random test,, (pia)  but I did talk to 2 different guys that also got pulled for random, and both of them tossed them away. No trouble returning here to the USA of course,  but I never heard if they returned to Canada this yr and had any trouble because of it.. be interesting to hear , maybe be some repercussions.  Not sure

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