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3/12/21 @ 9:05 AM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link
USER SINCE 5/17/01

Keep this on topic! 


9/6/21 @ 8:32 PM
MEMBER SINCE 6/30/01, great fish, drive in fly in, if fly in where ? Thx

9/4/21 @ 5:26 AM

Crossed border everything we did ahead ofttimes was done crossing was smooth. Needed to mask up in Canada their game their rules nothing wrong with that

Fishing was great lots of walleyes over the size limits. Water was very low couldn't get too far off main lake.

Coming back didnt hardly apply the breaks was that fast no checks on anything

Great time with great people

9/1/21 @ 11:09 PM
USER SINCE 12/28/06

Made it across! Very smooth crossing with all the paperwork done ahead of time. Fishing was great! Canada is great but we live in the greatest nation in the world thanks to our Military and Police officers! 

8/31/21 @ 2:53 PM
USER SINCE 7/27/17

Crossed at Fort Frances on 8/22. Everything was fine going in except the agent wasn't able to pull my ArriveCan info. Once I gave him my receipt number he was able to find it, all we had to do was show our negative tests after that and we were good to go.

Coming home on 8/27 they were checking everyone's fish. There were only a couple vehicles ahead of us, but it was starting to back up by the time we were leaving. Be prepared. Have a copy of your fishing license and ID ready and keep the cooler in easy access. Our fish were all vacuum sealed in clear bags so it was pretty quick and painless for us, would feel bad for guys with fish wrapped in paper or anything like that.

8/29/21 @ 10:06 AM
USER SINCE 4/21/04

Just got back from a week on Lake of the Woods. Border crossing went good, had 8 guys in 4 vehicles. One vehicle, 2 guys got selected for the random Covid test and 1 vehicle selected for inspection. Inspection was fairly quick, went through glove boxes, suit cases, and storage bins. The 2 guys selected for random Covid test completed them right at the border where they still had access to US cell towers, WiFi not good at camp. We crossed at Rainy River, no line. On the way back we crossed at Fort Francis around 9 am on Saturday morning and there was about a 1/2 mile back-up of cars with more piling in as we drove away. Check Canada Border Crossing Times on your phone as you are getting close, may be better to drive to Baudette and cross in Rainy River.

Coming back was about 2 minutes with a great "Welcome Home Boys"!

Masks were required for entering all establishments in Canada.

8/26/21 @ 7:20 AM

Interesting none of us had masks on when we entered and the agent seemed unconcerned.  Still here and still smacking walleye and lake trout.  The trout have been crazy, down riggers, vertical jigging, it does not matter see them on the graph and they are hammering what ever we throw down. My shoulders are actually sore from dragging them up.  Walleye consistently over 20in,  difficult to catch eaters.  Good problem to have.

8/24/21 @ 4:01 PM
USER SINCE 9/27/01

Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring masks for all in the vehicle. We pulled up without any on and the CBP Agent closed the window and asked us to put on masks. We scrounged up a couple of nasty ones from around the truck to get us across. Mine was on the floor and had boot prints and chainsaw bar oil on it. 

8/24/21 @ 9:47 AM
USER SINCE 9/27/01

We crossed at Pigeon River at midnight on the 20th. We were the only rig at the crossing. Border agent asked for our passports and then our 72 hour test results. She asked a couple of routine questions and we were on our way. We came back across the border yesterday at noon. Same drill minus the test results. Short trip but fishing was great for walleye and Lakers. Hoping to go back up early October if weather permits.

8/23/21 @ 1:10 PM
s.s esox
USER SINCE 12/22/14

Crossed International Falls on the 15th. 20min. wait. The border agent didn't recognize my negative test paperwork. I got it at a hospital. My buddies test was Walgreens and was no problem. She made us pull over and wait for a supervisor which was a bit nerve wracking. He lets us cross after about 15 mins wait. hammered the walleyes. 4.5 days fishing my boat of 3 caught over 600 walleyes. We keep track with a clicker which is alot of fun. Biggest 26.5" For you fisherman that are afraid of the shot I truly feel sorry for you. Fishing in Canada is reason enough to get vaccinated. 

8/23/21 @ 9:13 AM
USER SINCE 7/23/21

We crossed on the 14th at Pigeon River and was very smooth except we did have a 2 hour wait.  At the time, there were 15 vehicles ahead of us and for a while, each vehicle seemed to take 10-15 minutes. I think the issues were a)Some people had live bait and if they did, you had to run it back across the bridge/border to dump it and b)folks not having the right type of test.  I did talk to one gentleman at Rydens who had to turn around because his wife had used a rapid test but it wasn't a NAAT test so they were headed back to Duluth to try to get a qualified test. Our group of 4 vehicles each spent about 3-5 minutes talking to the agent.  

They did a good job of pre-screening by having border guards walking down the line talking to people, making sure they had the right things.  They told us to hand the border guard at the gate our passport and print out of our test results and then from there they'd ask their normal questions. I did have to present my vaccination cards because he said the pictures I uploaded into the app weren't very clear, which was fine.

The visitor center wasn't open when we crossed but we bought bear and fishing licenses at D&R sports in Thunder Bay but they are just as easy to buy online and print out.  

It was very strange driving along the north shore on a Saturday and not seeing a ton of boats headed north.  Good luck to all of those still able to head up.  

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