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Canadian Border Updates

3/12/21 @ 9:05 AM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link
USER SINCE 5/17/01

Keep this on topic! 


TODAY @ 1:07 PM
USER SINCE 7/23/21

Everything Guidefishing put in his post is spot on.  I hadn't read it until today but it meshed with everything both our camp owner and the border agency people I spoke with today told me. 

 The only thing that I'm still trying to get confirmation on is if the Abbott ID NOW rapid test that Walgreens offers is acceptable or not.  All of my reading says that it IS a molecular/PCR test but I'm not sure if because it's analyzed on-site, versus in a lab, disqualifies it.  The Canadian Public Health official I spoke to today could not confirm but stated that if it is a molecular/PCR test it would work. 

I will keep doing some more digging on it, simply because I'm worried that getting tested, getting the results, and getting to the border in a 72 hour window could get dicey if murphy's law kicks in.  Whereas if that all breaks down on me and I know I can get to the nearest Walgreens and get results in a few hours I can adjust on the fly. 

7/26/21 @ 2:01 PM
USER SINCE 10/24/17

I think you download the vaccine card into the ArriveCan website so card stock shouldn't matter.  Everyone knows that it would be easy to forge the vaccine card. I heard they were going to determine the likelihood someone is vaccinated by asking them if they thought the election was stolen.  

7/26/21 @ 1:02 PM

Thanks for the link kmanster.  And you can get cardstock paper of various weights and sizes from Staples...

7/26/21 @ 12:18 PM

In case anyone loses their card.  Here is a blank copy in case anyone needs one.

7/24/21 @ 2:35 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18

Where do we get a Molecular/PCR covid screening ?

Check your State's public health website and that info should be there.  Some Walgreens and CVS stores offer testing.  I know the Walgreens 2 blocks from house offers PCR tests.  The main things is to make sure you get the results back in time for that 72 hour window to cross the border.

7/23/21 @ 10:23 PM
USER SINCE 8/13/20

Where do we get a Molecular/PCR covid screening ?

7/23/21 @ 5:11 PM
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
BâssÂddîçt ©¸

You know you can go to Greece with a passport and a vaccination card that's all and you have to fly overseas  sounds difficult

Oh wait except for the rules to go to Canada the drive across the border

7/23/21 @ 7:15 AM
USER SINCE 3/24/13

Well said.

7/23/21 @ 7:07 AM

It is human nature when information is missing to fill it in with the worse possible scenario they can come up with.  

Based on my research and a few phone calls, the following can be viewed as simple or complex.  Depends on what a person predisposition is.

1. Passport / or Passport ID

2. Documented Vaccinations history with the 3 approved the Canadian Site provides

3. Molecular/PCR covid screening completed within 72 hours of arrival at border

4. Completion and upload of documentation on "ArriveCan" app; can not be completed more than 72hrs from date of arrival.

5. Quarantine plan, This is basically your contact information of where you are staying in Canada, The Ontario website gives you specific questions to answer to assist in this answer.  Short story is you provide your camps address, and contact and correctly say that you will isolate should you be given and come up hot on a Random screening.

6. Random screening in the rare event your are chosen to be screened you will not be held at the border, if it subsequently comes back positive see item 5.  And yes you get a 14 day stay so if that remote possibility is a game changer for you don't roll the dice.

7. All licenses and outdoor cards are internet sales,  I tried calling around maybe you can find a place.  Good luck.  I am sure there are exceptions to every rule.

**If you are camping and will be out of contact I have no idea how a quarantine plan would apply or if it would be acceptable.  I would find out if this is where you fall in.

8. No / zero, live bait, frozen, salted zip nothing allowed this year. Crawlers no, Salted or frozen minnows no.

9. Right now on Aug 9th US citizens that meet the above will be allowed in.  There is NO restriction on US citizen returning from Canada.  There is restrictions on Non-US citizens at least until the 21st.

10.  Everything is subject to change.  get over it.

In the end nobody cares if you go or you don't go.  If you go good luck, if your not going no one cares what your reasons are.  If you go and have trouble you knew what your were getting into.   All the best.

7/22/21 @ 10:45 PM
USER SINCE 10/22/02

Any news on those with severe allergic reactions and possibly exemptions. Have all Dr. documentation.

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