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Canadian Border Updates

3/12/21 @ 9:05 AM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link
USER SINCE 5/17/01

Keep this on topic! 


6/22/21 @ 5:40 PM
USER SINCE 10/4/06

Don't look now, but cases are on the rise in the UK with the new Delta variant.  In my opinion COVID will be with us for the rest of our lives, just like the Flu.  New variants and new vaccines will continue to evolve and the public health systems will keep reporting cases.

The question then becomes what is an acceptable infection rate for society to return to normal in Canada.  They are seeing 7-800 new cases/day today.  If new cases are that high in fall, will Canada still have closed borders?  Next year?  In 15 years?  

If COVID does become like the Flu, then we will eventually accept a certain number of deaths.  When 60K people died from the Flu in 2018, it wasn't political and I don't remember masks, forced shelter in place, or closed borders.

The attached is U.S. data showing all deaths over the past few years.  Deaths from the flu in 2018 are much smaller than COVID, but still significant and we didn't flinch.  

Then you have SARS, MERS, Ebola, etc.  It's a scary world out there but I don't see a good reason to close borders at this point.

6/22/21 @ 5:35 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

Our group has not bought back a fish in over 25 years.. As already noted there is just so much more to a Canadian trip than bringing back fish.. We certainly eat enough fish when we are up there but we catch plenty of fish in Wisc. to give us meals during the year.. Was up in the Minocqua area last week fishing real small lakes around the Northern Highlands Forest area and that is always a great time.. Have had some great days on Green Bay this year and had another great trip to Erie and caught lots of nice walleye's.. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to Canada for me (and group of family/friends).. 

How many people who went to Canada yearly or multiple times are year have found somewhere else, closer with more limits to bring back

6/22/21 @ 1:05 PM
USER SINCE 5/19/04

Oh there is plenty of other destinations to catch fish, several within a day trip distance for me, but as someone said, nothing like a Canadian Fly-in...  Where we go, we are the only cabin on a massive portion of the lake.   It's like having the Chippewa Flowage to yourself for a week...  Or I can go to Eire and legally keep a winters worth of walleyes, but it's not the same.

It's different in the states, the President has little to no power over individual states and the states have limited power over local governments.  As I've stated many times, I've been living life as normal since last May when the Wisconsin Supreme Court clipped our governors wings on mandating stay at home/limiting businesses.  My kids were in school all year as well.  I know others that just went out in public for the first time when the CDC said it was ok...  

6/22/21 @ 12:41 PM

How many people who went to Canada yearly or multiple times are year have found somewhere else, closer with more limits to bring back? The longer Canada doesn't want the US people there, the more likely chance they hurt themselves for years going forward. Do they not see that?

6/22/21 @ 12:27 PM
USER SINCE 2/14/21

It's not Canada that can't see past the boarder, it's our Liberal dictator, and his minions , the provincial leadership, which is mostly "conservative "-I should say liberal in sheep's clothing keeping this thing going. Manitoba's back to normal plan goes up to fall when guess what,  flu season starts again, so they can lock us up again for the winter. I'm actually really surprised Biden hasn't kept you caged up too. 

6/22/21 @ 11:55 AM

It is unfortunate that this is still an issue.  For the last 2 summers our group has stayed here in WI and have actually discovered great fishing in the North Country.  I've talked to guys that went to northern MN as well.  If you like the Canadian feel, try northern WI or northern MN this year.  Granted, it's definitely not the same for those that do fly-ins as nothing compares to that type of fishing action......Canada will be there.....eventually. Until then, go explore MN or WI.

6/22/21 @ 9:09 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04

I understand that, but it's not the US that is preventing us from going up there it's Canada. Yes, I know there is an agreement between the governments, but I don't think there would be any fear of Canadian's coming down here bringing it with, it's already taken it's course.  So why the fear of us going up there???  Makes no sense.  If Canada would open the border the US would as well.  The ball is in your court.

6/22/21 @ 8:47 AM
USER SINCE 5/11/20

"Its unfortunate Canada can't see past the border, COVID is done down here, life completely back to normal and practically no new cases, so I really don't know what they are afraid of....  Makes no sense at all."

Covid isn't done up here, Buckskin, and that's the issue. There are two sides to a border. It isn't just about the US.

6/21/21 @ 5:26 PM

Our outfitter originally said he needed all of July or he likely wouldn't bother this year. Talked with him today and he double checked his numbers and now says if he gets August and September hell still do it. 

It will be open by then.  

6/18/21 @ 12:22 PM

No comment from me other than a link to the news story.  

Keep calm and fish on!

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