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3/12/21 @ 9:05 AM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link

Keep this on topic! 


6/13/21 @ 9:37 PM
Canada Bound
USER SINCE 2/19/10

From what I heard Canada is supposed to be making a announcement in regards to the border in the next couple of days.I’ve heard different scenarios not sure what is true and what is false. From what I read when they do start opening it up, property owners and people with immediate family will get a chance to cross the border before tourist will. And property owners haven’t gotten a chance yet. I also heard one plan involved 21 day intervals easing up on restrictions every 21 days so time will tell if any of this is true.

6/13/21 @ 1:51 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/10

I emailed our resort today to see if they had any guess what is going on. I didn't hear back yet. Hopefully the border opens soon. We have reservations for July 24-31. Fingers crossed it happens and we are vaccinated. Good luck to all.

6/13/21 @ 8:32 AM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

A camp on Eagle is preparing for our arrival late July . They called us. The two- twenty one day periods end around July 22nd and they hope the border could open as soon as July 24 . This will only happen if the politicians can-skip the third 21 day period and see that the risk is minimal and the economy needs to open back up asap.

I am in central Wisconsin and we have been in restaurants, taverns, Walmart, Tractor Supply, etc . without masks for months. The county I live in has 25,000 residents ( 60,000 vacationers during the summer months) and in 18 months less than 10% have had Covid (2,207 as of May 28) and no new deaths in over a month. Recovered case count 2,160. More people had the flu in 2019 in our county than had Covid. I am not saying it shouldn't be taken seriously, as those with health risks always need to take extra precautions but to not be able to sit on a lake in the middle of Canada and fish at this point in time is not good for the outfitters in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

 I have my shots and ready to rumble to the North!

6/12/21 @ 3:02 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

Jay I love your fake news propaganda and government talking points no one is on Facebook or Twitter cause they ban the truth

6/11/21 @ 9:52 PM

FYI to all.  They removed the polluted "vaccine" thread on general discussion likely because of buckskin spreading so much disinformation there.  So now he's here getting his "fix" spreading garbage. 

I'm sure this guy has been banned by Twitter, Facebook, etc and this is his last outlet

6/11/21 @ 9:43 PM


Nobody is interested in your Qanon, antivaxx, conspiracy theories 

6/10/21 @ 5:04 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18

This came across my newsfeed last night.  Sadly I'm thinking late fall at best but most likely 2022 for fishing.


6/10/21 @ 9:24 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04

Interesting...  They haven't tested the vaccines doses being administered several months apart, so I guess just another portion of the trial being tested on the general public.

6/9/21 @ 6:02 PM
Mike C 2018
USER SINCE 8/31/18

I just talked to my camp owners today and they were allowed in last month (May 11th) after some mickey mouse crap with work permits, they were allowed in to quarantine at their camp for 14 days .  So I was wrong in a previous post about camp owner not being allowed in, me bad.  I assumed that because Ontario was in full lockdownat the time, they were stuck on this side of the border.

So my understanding after my conversation, Ontario and or all of Canada is going to go through 3 - 21 day phases of reopening with more restrictions being lifted with each phase for residents and business owners.  Canadian citizens are still required to wear face diapers, social distance and all that fun stuff. Kind of like what we went through here in Minnesota over the winter and spring.  

Camp owners are getting little or no info like to rest of us on if and when border restrictions will start to ease.  The Canadian government can't seem to decide or come to consensus on what part of the 3 phase plan to open the border,  whether to allow partial or fully vaccinated people in, test people at the border, show proof of a negative test, yadda, yadda yadda.   While city and provincial governments officials can offer their opinions and desires on what they want to happen, all decisions will be made in Ottawa and Ottawa alone.  

On vaccine front, while they say that about 68% have had their first dose, my camp owners said that most people have been waiting months for their second dose. Kinda makes you wonder how long it will be before they reach that 20% number that they want to require before opening the border.   

Personally I do hope for the best, especially for all the camp owners, but I'm not going to hold my breathe.  Unless something drastically changes or they pull there heads out of their as... in Ottawa, September might be optimistic at best.  Not trying to be negative, just realistic.  


6/9/21 @ 6:02 PM
USER SINCE 8/27/01

Spoke to Canadians who watch over our camp this afternoon.  While Ontario will see the move to step one starting later this week, there is no plan to start any talk for travellers and non-essential people.

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