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Canadian Border opening to non essential travel?

10/4/20 @ 9:57 PM
USER SINCE 12/28/06

Resort owners, Canadian residents or people in the know. When will the boarder open? 


TODAY @ 6:04 PM
USER SINCE 2/14/21

Covid is very much a political tool.  Denying that is plain silly at this point. 

TODAY @ 4:49 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/04

The part that is ironic to me is that Dr Fauchi had it right in the beginning.  He had 50 yrs as an infectious disease expert. The science and his gut told him the facts.. THEN the politics got involved, and 50 yrs of experience changed? The facts and science changed..? Or did the politics get more involved. It should be interesting looking back in 10yrs at what should and could have been done differently. 

Even Madison is loosening restrictions.. 

As far as are southern border opening how idiotic is that.. Image if we have to deal with a different pandemic brought in..

TODAY @ 4:31 PM
Wacky Rig
USER SINCE 3/11/17

toughontrout---I'm in Sheboygan County and compliance with mask mandate is close to 100%.  I did see a customer at Festival Foods maskless today though.  You can worry about a surge but look at the actual data.  Our Wisconsin surge was in the autumn well after the statewide mask mandate took effect August 1.  Regional graphs by state and even by country are very similar around the globe whether mask mandate is in place or not.  I'm not saying you can't be fearful of a surge because it certainly could happen.  Just not because a mask mandate is or is not in place.  Additionally, the removal of a mask mandate doesn't mean it is unlawful to wear one or more masks.  Plenty of people will continue to wear them.  It will simply be up to us to choose.  My guess is border will remain closed and that is a shame.

TODAY @ 4:16 PM
USER SINCE 4/21/04

Nobody, regardless of politics is ok with MS13 murderers, fentynal traffickers, sex traffickers, illegals infected with tuberculosis coming into the country. Time for the far left and far right to stop spreading BS and move back toward the middle. Start reading nuetral news instead of looking for news that fits what you want to hear. If we keep turning to social media for our information it will be the end of us.

TODAY @ 3:50 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/02

It is a little more than ironic that our border to south is opening wide during the current crisis for anyone who crosses but we cant fish over the border to the north. 

TODAY @ 3:29 PM

…but as for me, I'll follow the facts that I'm given from the authorities that know FAR more than I do.

That’s a joke, right?  The “authorities” are already releasing Covid positive illegal aliens into our communities and want to open our borders to MS13 murderers, fentynal traffickers, sex traffickers, illegals infected with tuberculosis and other diseases and your OK with that? 

TODAY @ 3:24 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/02

Dude you've been nothing but political in every response 

And like out great govener stated at the beginning of the crisis: " the good ole days are over and there never coming back"

Leadership like that is tough to find. 

Canada wont be open this year regardless of any silly discussion on lake link.

TODAY @ 2:59 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

BigPike1 where is your county? I very much dislike it when people throw politics into this covid pandemic. We here in Brown County, Wisconsin, are under a mask mandate, and I don't know, or care, if we are considered a Democratic or Republican County.That makes absolutely no difference to me. If we are told that we are under a mask mandate, we are under a mask mandate, that's it!  What does make a difference is Alabama & Texas COMPLETELY dropping all precautions against the virus, no masks, bars & restaurants @ 100% capacity, aand that could, I say could, cause another surge, which could affect me! People don't understand that during this pandemic OUR actions, or lack thereof, can have a very direct affect on our family, neighberhood/community.

It's been said before, "We'll get through this TOGETHER!"

TODAY @ 12:13 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/02

Yes. Bars and restaurants in my area are  mask free since last summer. If someone with a mask comes in its usually off within 10 minutes. Hardware stores and grocery stores and gas stations are a bit behind but I see more and more maskless shoppers.  Even the ones wearing masks a large portion of them are  at half mask at best. All this and covid is low in the county even with all the tourist activity. 

Thank God we dont obey the giant sausage grinders in D.C.

For some if the head sausage grinder says jump off the bridge into that deep ice water with no flotation device. They are jumping

TODAY @ 10:01 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04

Most of Wisconsin has been business as usual for a long time. Just the counties that are run by democrats have restrictions in place.  It's that way across the country and numbers have been getting better for months.

Don't really see the need for the experimental vaccines since they are said to be only good for 3 months and we are nearing natural herd immunity here in the US anyway.  Canada is a bit behind, which may benefit more from vaccines.  This 3 month thing may change, but may not due to new variants.

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