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Canadian Border opening to non essential travel?

10/4/20 @ 9:57 PM
USER SINCE 12/28/06

Resort owners, Canadian residents or people in the know. When will the boarder open? 


TODAY @ 11:17 AM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

Jabberwalker, Halleluiah! As I had posted about 2 weeks ago after talking to my Canadian friend and listenint to Canadian News, It looks like an outside chance that the border COULD open late September. Also, the posting that was shared with us from one of our Canadian Friends states that a friind of his from the Rainey River Parlaiment lists 3 different scenarios, and his way of thinking is that the 2nd one ( opening in June) was probably the best, in his thinking. There you have it!

TODAY @ 8:21 AM
USER SINCE 6/24/01


TODAY @ 7:43 AM
USER SINCE 4/21/04

Nobody is changing anyone's mind here, our opinions don't really matter to the people deciding to open the border or not. Let's get back on topic of will the border open or not.

TODAY @ 6:57 AM

Dude really thinks a virus that's killing millions is a conspiracy so china can make money selling facemasks.  That's a fun guy to go on a fishing trip with.  Lol

TODAY @ 5:39 AM
Wacky Rig
USER SINCE 3/11/17

Phat- My daughter’s surgeon failed to wear a mask for both pre and post surgical discussions.  To prevent bacterial surgical site infection, the surgeon wears a cap, mask, gloves, gown, and booties.  Bacteria and viruses are different critters.  But using your logic, everyone should wear all of the above as if we are cutting each other open.  Again, a great business opportunity to produce and sell the entire ensemble and save lives.

3/5/21 @ 10:56 PM
Phat Walleyes
Phat Walleyes
USER SINCE 3/31/15

Your daughters surgeon would wear a mask with or without a pandemic going on... Just saying...

3/5/21 @ 8:00 PM
USER SINCE 2/14/21

I'm absolutely amazed how many people are still buying these claims that this is not political. Both top doctors in Canada and USA scoffed at the idea of wearing masks at the beginning of this plandemic. How do you explain this? Were they not versed in virology? If they were that far off base with science, how on earth did they land these jobs, and why were they not fired immediately!?  Why do the masks still state they WILL NOT protect you from a virus? How do they only protect one way? They don't! Everybody knows it. The science proves it. They label says so. 

Who has this virus been taking out? Mostly the old and immune  compromised.  The same people that were losing their lives every year to the flu. Roughly the same number of deaths since before this "pandemic" started.   This last year suddenly the flu disappeared? Explain that. In my province the death rate for cancer was over 2k and the covid death #s were 400?  Seems the focus in the wrong area if we want to save lives.  Why wouldn't the government implement quick testing sites at these old folks homes where the majority of deaths are happening? Instead we shut down the economy and businesses? Give everyone cheques to get through this?  In my province every covid test results in a "covid case" . My daughter scheduled for knee surgery a week ago required a covid test. She is a smart cookie , and came to the conclusion there is no need for a covid test, if the surgeon and anesthesiologist were not required to get them. The anesthesiologist is literally going to be in her face, shoving a tube down her throat while she's out, and is not required to get the test? They couldn't tell her how they could justify that. So she opted out till things get a little less political. I should mention the surgeon had stated he was ok with her not having to do the test, till the anesthesiologist had a problem with it. Now in Canada we have healthcare. Suddenly because of politics my kid is being refused healthcare because she doesn't want an unrelated medical procedure done to her? That's political. Imo these "covid cases" is a tool the politicians are using to keep some of you scared to go out, to interact with your fellow human beings like we've done for millions of years. Trust me , if there was a real pandemic everyone would be convinced to stay home. But its a farse.  Here we are a year later after we were told "a two week shutdown" and  they're still kicking the can down the road. With no set plan.

PCR test. Do some research on this test. Dig into what virus will show a positive result. Out breath can apparently spread this virus, yet no breath covid test. They literally need to dig 6 " in your nasal cavity. Why? Our breath shares this virus so easily.  Why not a less invasive technique? 

  So much of this doesn't make sense. So many people can see this is ridiculous.  Nothing makes sense. Anyway that's my rant.  I'm going to enjoy fishing Lake Winnipeg tomorrow morning. Wishing you guys could join me. Tight lines!

3/5/21 @ 7:08 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

I'm absolutely amazed at how far off the topic we've strayed from saving lives (whatever that may take) and possibly opening the Canadian Border to non-esential traffic !

3/5/21 @ 6:26 PM

Yellow is plenty swank and that’s the only color Walmart sells.  If you want a different color you will need to shop elsewhere and pay through the nose.

3/5/21 @ 5:35 PM
Wacky Rig
USER SINCE 3/11/17

Lar...-Does that suit come in different colors?  It resembles a Menards version.

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