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Branch’s Seine River Lodge

10/4/23 @ 12:00 PM
User since 9/17/01

So we had a neighborhood get together and four of us decided we needed a trip to Canada next September.

All of us have been to Canada one time or another. But I was tasked with picking a place that we could all enjoy.

Great fishing, nice lodging…and some convenience ( we are all over 70)

my initial search turned up Branch’s on Seine..I’ve never been there but..

1: they have a brewery and a restaurant.

2: it’s only an hour or two north of the border…

so I’m looking for input on the fishing…

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2/21/24 @ 6:33 PM
User since 9/17/01
Flint Fredstone
I’m a bit late but thanks for response…..
we are going in early September and do plan on hiring a guide for a day..
I have trolling equip but in honestly not my favorite kind of fishing.
hopefully guide can put us on some fish

11/11/23 @ 2:50 PM
flint fredstone
User since 4/10/12
I went to Branch's with my son and his buddy (30 somethings) late July into August 2023. 1st time. The camp is very nice. Travel there is fairly easy. A bit of gravel road in maybe 1 mile. Good surface. Quent and Lori and staff are great! We had the cabin closest to the boat launch. #....? Very nice cabin. Great Lake view, 3 huge windows! Outside electric outlets for charging, etc. We used it to run the electric skillet frying walleyes! There is very little downside to this camp. But here it is . Fishing and navigating were both tough. Boat launch is a bit rough. Walleyes don't seem to be hanging out on the usual spots. Reefs, points, rock bars. Instead they roam in the basins (lakes) between river narrows suspended. Trolling might be necessary. (Pete Maina, Jordy Nelson video) They are chasing Cisco. Smallies too. We did go to McCauley for Trout and got 2. The bar, restaurant are the Lodge. We had an Irish Ale it was very good! Quent had one of his employees show us how to navigate through the narrows, as a plus this young man lived on the system most of his life and is a tourney fisherman, very educational. The Branch's will jump through any hoops for your trip!  Consider hiring guide to get you started.
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