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Bolton Lake Manitoba

6/16/24 @ 3:43 PM
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Heading up to Bolton Lake in Manitoba in a few weeks, any reports on the fishing there? Will report back after our trip.

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7/17/24 @ 4:52 PM
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We had a great four day trip to Bolton Lake in Manitoba. While we didn't land any trophies, we caught plenty of fish. Most pike were in the 30"-38" range, but we did have a monster on that got off at the net. It was easily in the mid 40's. Biggest walleye was 25" and the biggest lake trout 33". Each day we started out fishing walleyes for shore lunch and always had enough in less than a half hour. The hot lure was a pink jig with a white 3" twister tail. Fished mostly rocky areas and where river rapids entered the lake. Lake trout came on salted sardines (camp supplied) in a harness trolled down about 40-50 feet with 4-6 ounce weights. Water depth ranged from about 80 feet to 150 feet. The go to lure for northerns was the Johnson silver minnow with a white twister tail. Fished all kinds of structure but weed beds were the go to place and rocky points that dropped off into deeper water. With surface temps at 65-70, we knew that the big boys would be deeper, so we used slow retrieves and let the lure fall deeper in the water column.
The lake itself is beautiful, 70,000 acres with lots of islands and two rivers flowing into the lake and one flowing out. There was a portage at the one flowing out where you could fish another lake primarily for trout. Our group did not do this, but another staying in the camp did and they got 14 lakers in just the morning.
The main lodge is very nice with a well stocked tackle area and bar. They provided a sit down breakfast and dinner each day that were very good. Shore lunches prepared by our guides were excellent and included fried walleye each day but also baked Italian walleye, baked Mexican walleye, and bacon wrapped walleye kabobs with veggies (these were awesome). The shore lunches were a highlight.
I will say the cabins are dated and need some upgrading, but the beds were comfortable and they were clean. While we were out fishing they would come in and make your bed, provide clean towels and take out the trash. Coffee was delivered promptly to our cabin at 6:00 every morning.
The entire staff was very welcoming, accommodating and friendly. It was a very laid back atmosphere as you would expect and we got to know many others that were there that week. Some have been going up to that same lodge for more than 30 years and they leave their gear and clothes there when they leave. The staff washes the clothes and stores them and the equipment safely for the following year. The guides were some of the best we have ever had, and really made the trip enjoyable. They went out of their way to take all fish off, retie new jigs on, put you on fish, and make sure you were having fun.
Overall Bolton was a great experience and would definitely go back.

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