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7/28/23 @ 9:07 AM
User since 3/31/10

This is our first trip to Andy Myers the second week of September, just looking for some tips on staying here and what to expect?

We have done 4 Canadian fly-in trips over the last 7 years, but this is our first drive to destination with the ultimate American Plan Package.

With these types of packages everything is done for you and of course there is tipping involved with every aspect of the stay there from guides, dock hands, meal service, cabin service. For anyone that has stayed here what are the tips that you handed out and for what service. This one of the reasons we always done a fly-in because all that added up to the cost of a fly-in trip. But we for sure wanted to give Eagle Lake a try and we chose Andy Myers because of the excellent reviews they get. We have 3 days of guide service with our package.

I am torn between bringing my boat with all the electronics and trolling motor with all the link features with spot lock to going to the basic electronics and a trolling motor that might not have spot lock. I am also worried about the rocks with bringing my boat or using theirs with the insurance plan. Any suggestions here that can sway my decision one way or another? Do they even have spot lock on any of their boats?

Last what size jigs and what pound test line for the walleyes do most use here? On our standard fly-ins we were mostly 6-pound test as most fish were 18 to 22 inches with an occasional 28 incher, which was not an issue with new 6-pound test. I am not a huge Musky/Northern person and normally get away with throwing a silver minnow with a 4-inch twister tail threaded on the hook and have caught many pike to 40 inches on this setup. I would imagine this would be the same here. My arm just cannot take throwing those large musky lures all day long, thus the reason I mainly fish for walleye in Canada. 

One other option for my boat being towed north is I can bring the downriggers to try to tie into the monster Lake Trout here as well.

Thank you in advance and hope I can get some replies.       

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9/26/23 @ 6:52 AM
Golf Guy
PRO MEMBER User since 7/22/12
3rd day just as good
Sunny skies and 70 with light winds 
Son got a 53” ski down by railroad bridge while fishing for eyes on 6 lb test. Biggest in lodge for the week 
We caught a dozen or so 5lb plus smallmouth on rocks in portage bay on drop shot  
Got enough eyes for shore lunch by 10 am and got another 100 by days end.  Another great day 
4 th day.  Not as good front came through with light rain and northwest winds. 
Enough eyes for last shore lunch but didn’t get our 100 for the day.  Smalles still on fire.  Just starting to go to rock humps wherever we went.
Best trip ever for us.  Going next year a week later to look for smallmouth and bigger eyes. 
Had to leave after 4 days as son had a work conference.  Bummer. 
All eyes on jig and minnows some plastic. 
Keep me posted on your next trip 
9/25/23 @ 7:37 PM
User since 3/31/10
Golf Guy,
How was the remaining rest of your week, you posted the first two days.

Our first trip there was good, not great but good. Two cold fronts came through on our week, had a guide all 6 days, but let my daughter and son In-law take the guide on Tuesday and Wednesday for Musky, my wife and I took the camp boat out those two days on our own and did not do well on the first day as we headed over to Sportsman Bay for the morning and managed to makeup in the afternoon in Portage Bay.
Small northern on the west end. Second day we headed all the way down to Viking Reef, 35 minute run with the 50 HP Yamaha. Hit many spots that we hit on Sunday and Monday with the guide and was able to go to them because I had my Helix 7 on the entire day marking our trail and marking their GPS spots which they allowed me to do no problem.
My daughter got her first musky the first day at 36 inches and 10 minutes later my son in-law got a 44, and they raised 5 others that first day, second day musky fishing saw 2 fish with 2 nice northern caught by my daughter while casting musky baits.
5th and 6th day back to walleye fishing and again was just so so, caught maybe 250 walleye for the entire week and biggest was 24 inches. All the guides said the week was slow compared to the last week and then first two days of your trip was great, go figure!
we will be back again! I will bring my own boat next time so I can get an earlier start and fish longer in the evenings rather than just the 8 hours with a guide. I have a 40 GPS spots from the guides and a good track to follow next time, baring I do not lose my info.
9/19/23 @ 8:16 PM
Golf Guy
PRO MEMBER User since 7/22/12
2nd day on the lake
69 degrees with 15 mph south east wind 
42” ski
4 - 6 lb smallmouth bass
Multiple 24-26 eyes 
Another good day 
9/18/23 @ 8:30 PM
Golf Guy
PRO MEMBER User since 7/22/12
First day on the lake. 
70 degrees, 10 mph winds. 
150 walleyes in the boat.  
3 over 26”. 
Great start to a week’s fishing 
9/12/23 @ 9:53 AM
User since 12/27/07
I'm headed up to Eagle tomorrow staying at North Shore, the lodge Julian (Andy Meyers) used to work at as a kid. I would strongly advise NOT to bring your personal boat up to this lake until you have fished it a few times . It take a few years to figure out the mine fields, once you have some tracks you should be ok, but even then the water levels bring new rocks into the picture ever year. 
8/7/23 @ 8:55 AM
User since 8/24/07
My only previous fishing experience in Canada was on Red Lake. The resort owner suggested running the motors (tiller 15 hp Honda 4 strokes) with the lever set to be able to lift it up rather than stuck down, reasoning that it'd more or less bounce up rather than take the full force. 
How anyone who brings their own boat without a quality mapping chip avoids the obstacles or doesn't get lost is beyond me. Common sense is your friend up there. If you're looking to investigate a rocky area, understand that there are very likely a lot of rocks in the surrounding area. Case in point, we were back at a reef our guide had taken us to a few days prior. Saw the reef easily and approached from a completely different angle due to heading there from the lodge vs. when the guide stopped there as we worked our way back. About 50 yards from the main reef, there was another rather large section (30x30 maybe) that topped out about a foot below and we didn't notice it until we were up close. As we were crawling along it was easy to back away. One boat found it when we were out with our guide though and we heard it. 
A good piece of advice is to keep the oar for the boat easily accessible if you need to push yourself out. It can and does happen. 
8/7/23 @ 8:19 AM
User since 3/27/06
Hockey guy
you raise a subject, boat and motor damage,,that has always been on my mind when I go to Canada. I've made about 30 trips over the years, mostly,to one particular flying camp. Even though I believe I know where those damaging rocks and reefs are, I'm always surprised to find new rocks. This year I hit a rock in an area I've been through hundreds of times, and did not know that rock was there. In all my trips to Canada, I only have taken out one lower unit. Fortunately, I confessed my sin to the owner of the camp and he did not charge anything extra. However I would admit to being paranoid when running 9.9 hp motors at full speed. You just never know. I don't own a boat so I don't know what boat owners do when they take their expensive boats to Canada on unfamiliar waters.. Whenever I'm in doubt about what's underneath me, I slow down and hope that the motor pops up if I do it anything.
8/5/23 @ 6:12 AM
User since 8/24/07
Just got back from Temple Bay Lodge. Same "lake" but an entirely different area.  The sheer size is pretty intimidating, and then I just remembered...oh yeah, there's an entire, bigger lobe up by Andy Myers. Can't give any specifics for that part or that lodge but will just state that there are a LOT of hazards out there. Some of the more popular ones appear to be "marked" but there are plenty of surrounding areas that are not and with the water being about 1-2 feet lower than normal, the rocks/reefs are much hungrier for props and lower units. One guy in camp smoked his lower unit on his own boat by motoring by to check out a marked hump fast enough to break it.   Our lodge boats had Terrovas with spot lock and Helix 7s and  with all of the hazards marked so you were certainly able to pick safe routes for running. It was approaching structure that could cause issues. Not sure what AM's set ups are like or if they have insurance but we were told because the rates were going up that they aren't submitting any claims because just one would cause them to skyrocket, so they provided a list of what it would cost for whatever you could break. May be worth looking into any kind of rider on your policies. 
Regarding the fishing, it was pretty amazing. We were blessed with great weather. light breezes with couple days of it getting a little bit more.1/8 jigs worked well when it was calm, 1/4 when it was breezier and felt I needed it. mostly all vertical jigging or short flips. Mepps #4 and 5 getting northern in/around cabbage in the bays along with shallow minnow baits if you can work them. Also quite a few walleyes while casting for northerns, and on spinners too lol. Can't say the bass bite was insane but I caught enough nice footballs when I had occasion to be trying for them. All but one on rock (shallow at that) and all but one on spinners. 
Highlights were my dad's PB 29 1/12" walleye while we were out solo, seeing 39" and multiple 38" northerns up close, fighting about a 45 'ski that grabbed my 15" walleye immediately after hookset, and having something with a 5 1/2" bite diameter chomp down on a 23" northern. Pics will get posted on a different thread as I know this is for Andy Myers. But would imagine you can expect a similar-ish experience.
8/4/23 @ 8:47 AM
User since 10/24/17
Be prepared for long boat rides on your guide days, I just got back from spending 2 weeks on Eagle.  It was like the Cannonball Run every morning with their guide boats heading to the east side, and the same thing every afternoon on their way back.     
7/29/23 @ 6:42 AM
Golf Guy
PRO MEMBER User since 7/22/12

Have been there a good 1/2 dozen times.   First time used one of there upgraded boats and did ok but lake is so big that one really needs to know where to go and where the rocks are.  Plus if winds come up a bigger guide boat gives a much dryer and safer ride home. Since then always take a guide and fishing is fantastic.  Usually get 100 eyes per boat per day.  Those guys really know the lake and where to go. 
As for the rest - your equipment will be fine. Jig size depends on weather & depth. Usually 1/8 oz is all you need.  Any color will work.   Tipping is up to you.  Last day they leave an envelope for dock boys, kitchen and house keeping.  Tipping the guides is done at end of day & again up to you   Food & service is top notch.  Always enough to eat and the shore lunches are fantastic.  
Pm me if you want more info.  Hope you enjoy your stay.  We are there a week later. 
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