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Cedar Lake, Ontario

4/12/02 @ 8:09 AM
I am planning a trip to Cedar Lake in late June. I was wondering if any one has been there. Any suggestions? Patterns? Hot spots? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


8/25/19 @ 8:42 PM
USER SINCE 4/29/14

Mac Da Gaff, Cedar is typical, it is all structure fishing. Any big points, rock humps, and drop offs..

From your resort, fish directly to the right when leaving camp, that shoreline after the first bay can be good.

Another is straight across, little point just south of big island.

Another is shore lunch are on small island southeast of camp, fish the area about 16’ off of picnic area.

Tight lines.

8/22/19 @ 8:36 AM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff

Gearing up for our second trip to Cedar Lake. Ray and Kathy at Cedar Point are our hosts again and we are really looking forward to expanding our knowledge base from 2018.

Hope that we have at least some stable and consistent weather but that is always the crap shoot you take on this time of year.

If anyone has a few pointers they can share it is always appreciated, we intend on sharing after our return. We fish primarily for walleye and musky but would never turn a blind eye to a good perch or crappie bite. Hope you all limit out and have a safe trip.

Thanks in advance,


8/21/19 @ 7:30 PM
USER SINCE 4/29/14

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the info. Sometimes we like to explore, we have never been up past the entrance to Perrault. We may have to try some of these new areas this fall, depending on weather and fishing in Cedar.

8/20/19 @ 10:03 PM
USER SINCE 11/22/10

Yes Spadina is through Perault lake.  Go through the narrows and when the lake opens up head straight, maybe a little to the left, until you hit shore.  You have to go through a small creek that isn't very deep and beavers have been known to get in there.  If you're dragging a large boat up there, it may not be worth it deapending on water levels.

Another option would be to hang a right before Spadina and go into moose jaw bay.  From there you can go up into Ord creek which is big enough for just about any boat I've seen in Canada.  Church lake is just as you come up into Ord creek on the right and holds some decent perch.  Lost lake is much further up just before the trappers cabin on the right.  Always cool to see the old trappers cabin, but the creek into Lost lake is barely wide enough to get any kind of boat through there.  I've only fished lost lake a couple times, but it's always been worth it, if your spirited enough to go into it.

I recommend going all the way up Ord creek into Turtle lake.  Have caught some MONSTER perch out of there.  But watch out when you go through the woods, there are some big boulders in there, but they also hold fish!!  If you do go up to Turtle lake you have to go to the falls.  As the lake opens up head just left of the big bluff in the middle from there you go up another small creek, not too far, but you will hit the falls and can catch everything.  More water = better fishing.

You can also catch plenty of perch and everything else right in Ord creek.  And it's always a good spot to see a moose.  But be careful all of these spots can be a little dangerous, all depends on what boat and motor you have.

8/20/19 @ 6:25 PM
USER SINCE 7/18/14

I believe that Crystal Lake Monster might be talking about a small lake outside of Perrault Lake,..theres lots of perch in there to be had. My son also caught a 40 inch muskie in there.  


8/20/19 @ 6:07 PM
USER SINCE 4/29/14

CrystalLakeMonster, we are very familiar with Cedar. Thank you for your update. 

 I know of all of the areas that you mentioned except for Spadina. I never heard of that, where is that at please?

We are heading up the end of September.

7/27/19 @ 11:26 PM
USER SINCE 11/22/10

Just got back from Keystone a couple of hours ago.  Did real well.  We averaged 40-50 walleye per person per day.  Water is a bit high.  Best spots for walleye were the island right across from camp on the backside/south side.  All around bald rock.  And Peephole a.k.a. Redwater bay in between the two islands.  11-16 fow trolling lindy spinners or Slow Death rigs.  Pay attention to where you catch fish and where you mark them on the locator if you do well in a certain spot park your boat in that spot and jig.  Virtually no crappie were caught by our group which hasn't happend in about 7 years.  Also crappie cycle through about every 7 years so we should have expected it.  Caught wind of crappies biting in the rapids second to last day, but it was to little to late.  If you don't know where the rapids are ask Dave or Leanne.  Perch fishing was awesome in Spadina but with the high water there aren't the weed beds you normally see.  Find a weed bed in Spadina and you will catch tons of perch, but you really have to sort through them.  Wi-fi is scketchy up there so hopefully you get this in good time.

7/27/19 @ 8:05 AM
USER SINCE 7/12/15

@hardcore fisherman 

we are starting are trip today at Keystone on Cedar. Any recent updates on fishing activity and water levels?

You are correct about putting your time in and staying on certain spots once fish are caught.

7/24/19 @ 11:22 AM
USER SINCE 7/24/19

"Jet Skis" and "Big ass boats" on Cedar Lake near Perrault Falls Ontario? 

I'm fairly certain two different lakes are being discussed. Of course we spend 90% of our time on the east side but I've never heard of jet skis or seen a big ass boat in the many years I've been going up there. Also totally agree with the guide. If you know where to and how to fish Cedar, you can have very good success. 

7/19/19 @ 4:18 PM
USER SINCE 7/19/03

Fished Cedar lake for first time 3rd week june with small group of fishing buddies.  We didn't cream the fish but did ok.  Best walleye day was 72 for one boat.  Most days if we targeted walleye  was 8 to 20 for boat.  We got better every day.  Our group caught 6 muskie over the week and we were not fishing for muskie.  Biggest close to 40in.  Lots of smallmouth and they were getting bigger every day.  Lake shaped like horseshoe.  West south end was a little busy but east leg was mostly quiet.  We just started to explore perault lake.  Overall, I think Cedar is a good lake.  No, it's not a fly in lake where walleye commit suicide every cast but for location and size, good.

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