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Cedar Lake, Ontario

4/12/02 @ 8:09 AM
I am planning a trip to Cedar Lake in late June. I was wondering if any one has been there. Any suggestions? Patterns? Hot spots? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


2/27/20 @ 11:28 AM
Husky Jerker
USER SINCE 2/27/20

We are headed to Cedar for the first time the end of August 2020.  We are not yet locked into a camp yet but are leaning towards Cedar Point based on location.  That being said we have no clue where to begin our Musky Hunt but we like the central location of that camp.  We would love to hear from some regulars about structure type for that time of year.   In addition we have a couple guys who are intrigued by the Crappie and Perch reports - like to have a couple fish dinners while there.  

Any input is very much appreciated - thanks!

10/15/19 @ 7:41 AM

Weather is still wet.All lakes are really rising.Ive never had to put my rear tires in the water at the launch to unload the boat.its causing some problems with people's docks and shorelines.But at this rate water levels should be better in the spring.

10/10/19 @ 2:29 PM

Have been out twice now in pursuit of muskie and although I have had them to the boat have not hooked up.I did however catch one in 25 ft on my lindy rig.but as luck would have it cut through my line 10 minutes into the fight.Did get to see and would of loved to put it in the net.Walleyed fished here and there and did alright but never found the big schools I would normally see this time of the year.Didn't fish deeper than 25 ft but I did venture deeper to 40 ft and although I saw fish on the sonar those schools were not any bigger.At 3:30 I fished a spot close to Clarke's and the bite just turned on.Could be just a coincidence but enjoyed that.Water temp hanging around 53 f.Didnt go far as I stayed near the west end.Yesterday ended up being a beautifull day to go out even though the weather man predicted otherwise and my partner cancelled.Thinking of putting the boat away.

For you guys that come up hwy#105 they have fixed the CNR crossing at Red Lake Rd.You can travell over it without hardly feeling it.

10/7/19 @ 6:32 AM

Had a good 3 days with George and Loui.Weather wise was not the best.0c starts in the mornings with high winds and pretty steady rain or drizzle throughout the days.Fished the Indian Lake Chain a couple of days and we fished Cedar Lake one day.Boys decided to not fish Thursday as snow and high winds were forecasted.Boat was left at Clarks so I went to get it but fished on my own and had a good day raising 4 muskies and did well on the walleyes in a bit of a snow storm that ended early in the morning.

10/2/19 @ 4:30 PM

Sounds like another great trip for you guys.we spanked the walleyes today.

9/29/19 @ 10:53 AM
USER SINCE 4/29/14

Just returned last night from a week at Cedar.

There were four of us in our group this time. We have fished it before in fall and spring.

Two of us went to Spadina on Monday to explore new water and look for perch.  It was a fun outing. We did not catch many perch, and no pigs in the bunch. We did find the right weeds in two different areas, that is where they were, but in very limited amounts. We did see a pair of swans on the water back there. The ride back was fun and clear of any debris. Plenty deep all of the way, did not have to take it slow, but did as a precaution. We caught a few perch, a small northern, an 8” musky, and some small bass. We used jig & minnow and also a drop shot rig with minnow. We did stop at the burned out bridge on the way back to try for walleye. That was really fun, we nailed them, big and small. It was fun fighting the bigger fish with all of the current. It was really tough trying to control the boat with the fast current. Eventually we had enough fighting current and left.

Now to talk about Cedar. We caught over 800 walleyes for the week. Most fish were in 18’-28’ of water. We caught 22 over 22”, the biggest being 28”. We stayed at Clark’s Northern Lights Resort, love the free minnows there. Fish were on east and west sides, as well as Times Square. We also caught over 40 crappie and over 20 perch. Water temp was 63 when we got there, it was 59 when we left.

We considered it a very good week, looking forward to spring.

9/27/19 @ 10:00 AM

Theres years where worms are worse but your right they are mostly clean.the ones that are in the meat come out with the flick of a knife point.Even some walleyes will have them.Really not a big deal and have no adverse effects.But found very few this season.

9/26/19 @ 7:54 PM
USER SINCE 10/4/02

Our perch were clean of parasites.

9/22/19 @ 5:34 PM
USER SINCE 7/18/14

The photo shows how to get to Spadina Lake from the Burnt Bridge. This year they were not really keeper size perch from Spadina. We found very nice ones out in the main lake, but not a bunch. Good luck!!


9/22/19 @ 5:09 PM
Analog man
Analog man
USER SINCE 12/10/18

Were the perch full of parasites? I found most of the weed perch to have them.

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