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Cedar Lake, Ontario

4/12/02 @ 9:09 AM
User since 1/9/02
I am planning a trip to Cedar Lake in late June. I was wondering if any one has been there. Any suggestions? Patterns? Hot spots? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

9/18/19 @ 12:09 PM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff
MEMBER since 9/23/01

We found the best/biggest bite from 25 to 30 fow where ever the transition from soft to hard bottom shows on the graph. These fish were the most active and proved to be the biggest walleye in the area. Steeper breaks along islands and up to the shorelines with more of a gravel bottom were the ticket. 

We did not venture up to Spadina for the perch. The crappies were on one day and off the next. Walleye bit even in the worst weather in that transition zone. Best bites were at the north ends of both legs. 

We booked again for 2020 only earlier by a couple of weeks hoping for some better weather.

Good luck and post some pictures certainly is a great place to explore and figure out the bites.


9/16/19 @ 9:40 PM
User since 4/29/14

Blue Marlin, to get to Spadina, you take the river past the burned railroad trestle into Perrault, keep going straight, then take a portage with your boat into Spadina. We have never been there, only have heard about it. It is supposed to have big perch and also walleye. I do not think it will be that great, but we want to go exploring. Google the lake and you will see a map of how to get there.

We usually go up in October, but have to go up early this year. We will see what we can find. 

We catch musky and northern while jig fishing for walleye. My biggest up there is 49 1/2”, that was fun on 6lb line.

9/16/19 @ 8:34 PM
Blue Marlin
User since 6/15/16


Heading to Cedar this Friday, go the last week of September every year with my 3 brothers. Do very well on walleyes and crappies and catch more musky than we need!!

How do you get to Spadina? boat from Cedar? whats it known for? We normally take a day for lake trout on Cliff, but maybe something different this year

This Musky picked up my jig as well as my brothers at the same time. Still a good fight with two of us fighting the same fish!

9/16/19 @ 6:28 PM
User since 4/29/14

Mac da Gaff, thanks for the report, we head up Saturday. We fish for walleye.

What areas did you fish with that depth? At this time,  we normally go a bit shallower. Later in fall we go deep, does that mean they already are there? Water temps are not cold yet, that is strange.

Did you make it up to Spadina or Perrault? We are thinking of exploring that, just for something different.

9/16/19 @ 1:03 PM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff
MEMBER since 9/23/01

Back from Cedar Lake Sat. pm. I would love to say we smoked the Musky but not so much. Almost all of our musky came on walleye presentations. We could raise fish on a regular basis but they would seldom commit.

Rather than admit we are poor musky fishermen we will blame it on the 4 days of rain and winds of 20 mph. from the east. Walleye fishing was almost easy, 17 to 27 FOW Gulp plastics and crawlers caught eyes, with the larger fish 21" to 27" caught on Gulp. Several Smallies were incidental catches while walleye fishing along with a couple off smaller pike we hooked while skie fishing.

Crappies and perch eluded us again but hope to polish that technique next year. We are planning on moving our week up to late August to attempt to get a favorable weather pattern.

 Even with the 38 deg F wake up temps we had a good time. Water temps dropped from 64 F to 58 F in our week. 

Still can hear the Eagles and Loons as I go to sleep, can't wait till next year and will pray for a break from the weather Gods.

Mac out, thanks for all the help !!!

9/3/19 @ 7:42 AM
User since 2/5/10

Hopefully it will be a bit be on cedar lake next 2 days for walleye/.usmie and crappie so hope I'll have a good report.

Had a good day of walleye yesterday with the des Moines boys on the Indian Lake Chain.

9/2/19 @ 7:09 AM
User since 8/19/14

Had a great time August 29 on Cedar Lake with John's Outdoor Adventures. First time on Cedar and first time with John, couldn't be happier. Only thing better is if the winds had been lighter. Thanks John for taking the time to show us a great crappie experience. Booked the same week next year and will be giving you a call.The Iowa Boys

8/31/19 @ 7:31 PM
User since 2/5/10

You got that some boys coming from des moines.they are bring some sweet corn,pork tenderloin and rib are trying out Clark's KC,s camp on Edward lake which is on the Indian lake chain.Ill be taking them out 2 days there for walleye/muskie.Hope I'll have a good report.

8/30/19 @ 2:58 PM
User since 12/1/09

Hey fishguide, Only thing better than crappie and walleye on Cedar is a pork sandwich from Iowa.  Hope you had a good season John.

8/30/19 @ 7:05 AM
User since 2/5/10

Had a crappie day planned for Cedar Lake and yesterday myself and 6 guys from Iowa met at Clarks.We launched our boats there and took one rental boat.Wind was still a issue as it has been all week but Cedar Lake is laid out pretty nice where you can get out of the wind.It was still very windy in a couple of spots we fished but the results we had was worth it.Guys were amazed at the size of the crappies and at the rate we catching them.There has been posts saying the crappies are down or a 7 year cycle is the culprit causing them to be slower this year. yesterday's fishing proved all that wrong.we all ended up catching a bunch of walleyes throughout the day also.The other private boat had a bbq on board and we were all served some hot pork burgers with everything premixed in,That was a real treat.

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