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2022 Canadian fishing reports

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6/8/22 @ 8:15 AM
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Spent the second week of the season at a flyin camp about 50 miles north of Red Lake. The spawn was certainly on. Most fish in 3 to 6 foot of water, but there were exceptions. First three days warm. Last three days very cold and windy with snow on the last day.

We primarily used a jig with a twister type bait.

There is a detour on 105. It's about 30 minutes on a gravel road. Also, we creeped through some remaining standing water on the highway between Dryden and Vermilion Bay. Any more water could affect that route. Plenty of governmental vehicles all over the place trying to deal with water issues. I would certainly check with your camp before you leave from home

Water levels are extremely high. Part of camp underwater.

We had no problem crossing the border, but then we crossed on a Thursday afternoon. The border guard indicated all they needed were our passports and that the passport ID would tie them in with our arriveCan info. We purchased eggs after crossing the border. Nothing said about potatoes, which we did have with us when crossing the border.

The extremely high water may affect how you dock your boats at your camp.

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11/27/22 @ 3:52 AM
User since 10/4/22

These are current reports on Canadian fishing in different areas. The university assignment help in conducting this database which is available on some official websites.

6/14/22 @ 7:47 AM
User since 5/15/10

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