I have a gift offered to me for a 14 foot 2012 Alumacraft Fisherman 145 boat that would be for my family to store, maintain and use. Totally paid for. Only expenses would be the upkeep, insurance, shrinkwrapping etc.. Only problem is that I prefer to fish small lakes. A trolling motor and a john boat or a kayak is what I usually do. No hassle. Load the boat in the truck bed and go.

It's a really nice boat. 25 HP motor. Clean boat. Fish finder. 1 year warranty. I would maybe use it 5 -7 times a year. Like I said, I usually am not one to go on waters that require too much speed or mobility. I've only had canoes and john boats etc... So, since I've never really considered a regular fishing boat, for those that have one, what are some of the hassles and joys to expect? Insurance costs? Shrinkwrapping? General upkeep? It's a great gift, but I don't want this to be money unwisely spent either on the relative. I'm weighing the plusses and minuses. Thoughts??? Thanks.