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Which length trolling motor

1/2/15 @ 9:52 AM
User since 9/19/12
I have a 18' lund explorer boat .I am wondering which length trolling motor to put on the boat .This will be an 80lb thrust motor .Thanks in advance .

2/2/15 @ 12:28 PM
John Schultz
John Schultz
User since 3/14/14
60". You can always lower the collar to make it deploy higher up if you feel it is too long, but you can never add more shaft to it if its too short.

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1/26/15 @ 12:11 AM
User since 10/28/11
Definitely 60 inch. And definitely get ipilot if you can afford it. The salesman talked me into a terrova with ipilot when I bought my boat and once I learned how to use all the features and apply them to different fishing situations it became my single most favorite part of the whole boat. you can pay so much more attention to fishing instead of worrying about steering the boat.

1/25/15 @ 8:31 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08
It does depend on how you fish and the size of the lakes.The only bad thing about a very long trolling motor is shallow water fishing.Having to adjust the head high and if you like to pitch jigs or or fish heavy cover bass fish.I do think you do need a 60in on a boat that deep though.

1/4/15 @ 4:46 AM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02
I agree with those that favor getting the longest motor you can.

If the 80# thrust is not an I Pilot or the Motorguide version I would strongly urge you to reconsider. I've had my I Pilot for only 2 yrs but I can't think of anything that makes fishing easier except getting someone else to steer. Many of my friends have one also and we agree it's almost like cheating. I Pilot makes your time on the water more efficient.

Ram Mount is a good idea. I chose a velcro strap:

When mounting as pointed out, make sure the head is inside the gunnel when up. Also when choosing placement have the motor in the down position to make sure you clear the gunnel edge when deploying.

Good luck,

Grey Beard

1/3/15 @ 4:19 PM
diver hunter 1987
User since 9/29/09
I would have to agree with 60'. Just remember that when you mount it to keep the head inside the rails of the boat when in the up position. I've seen acouple heads get snapped on docks

1/3/15 @ 2:13 PM
Scott F
User since 6/12/10
Measure from the deck to the waterline and add 12 inches for the minimum length.

1/3/15 @ 12:05 PM
User since 2/17/04
60 inch on my 18 mr pike. Could have gone longer. Works fine but it does come out on rough water or lot of boat wakes. Something I can easily live with. I have the cable steer not power drive.

1/3/15 @ 10:48 AM
User since 12/6/10
I've never heard anyone say they wish they would have got a shorter shaft but I've heard a bunch say they wish they had a longer shaft. I have a 18' Skeeter and a 60" shaft and there were a couple times in rough water it came out. Don't forget to get a RAM mount to keep the motor head from bouncing while on the trailer.

1/2/15 @ 1:39 PM
User since 9/24/03
As big as you can get. I have a 60 inch terrova on my Mr Pike 17 and there have been days I could've used a 70 inch motor.

1/2/15 @ 11:32 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
Better to buy long enough right away, 60" for sure!

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