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Where do you mount you;re onboard charger?

9/29/17 @ 8:58 PM
User since 3/26/04

Just bought a 2 bank 10 amp minkota charger and have limited storage space to mount it.

10/26/17 @ 11:14 AM
User since 2/3/08

Another idea is look into a charge on the water system.  I'm on my 4th year with Trollbridge24 and a combiner 100 by Yandina.  I wanted something I could charge on the water so 1 week up north I wouldn't need to plug in at night.  Fish morning and night and ski in the afternoons.  

It doesn't take up much space and would allow having only a 1 bank charger for home use and when your driving to the dock your charging all your batteries so when you fish too long on the trolling battery the deep discharge state is reduced.  You can also wire into your car for charging while driving, but so far for me that hasn't been needed.  If I get to the dock and it no longer is cycling (stays above 13.1 v) I'm good for the drive home and then plug in when home.  

Trolling batteries are only in series when trolling.  When it is turned off it is switches to parallel wiring so both trolling batteries are now equalized.  4 seasons using my trolling motor (don't have a kicker) and I suspect season 5 will be good to go as well.  I go 5-7 hrs on Winnebago trolling cranks (don't troll harnesses) going 1.5-1.9 mph normally.  I mounted a kicker for salmon fishing but still use the trolling motor for steering at speed 3-4.  With this system a single bank charger will top off all your batteries, or use a 2 or 3 bank charger as you have.  I had a 3 bank charger which just speeds up bulk charging but not needed.  Best part is savings in batteries and/or charger more then pays for the equipment.  I wasn't expecting it to work as good as it has.  I used welding cables for the run to the trolling batteries at 6 awg but 8-10 awg cable is fine for this system noted by the mfg.  I oversized as I was worried about any resistance to ensure no need to plug in up north.  Looking back it was overkill but then again I am a farmer so that isn't in my vocabulary.  ;-)  

10/4/17 @ 12:30 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I too have mine mounted in a compartment close to the batteries.  Keep in mind these things generate a fair amount of heat, keep the lid to the compartment open when charging

10/4/17 @ 12:03 PM
User since 12/22/04

I have a retractable extension cord mounted to the ceiling of my garage where opener is....I plug my boat in any time it is in garage.   Cord recoils up out of way when I am moving boat.  

10/4/17 @ 11:13 AM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15

Always mount them as close to the batteries as possible.  I would never have a boat without on.  I fish just about  everyday and I have recently started charging my batteries every other day. I have a 36 volt system and I think it could give me longer battery life.   

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10/3/17 @ 6:47 PM
User since 3/26/04

I orderd the extention cabels from Minkota so it should be proper gauge..I have 1 batt. in the bow for trolling motor and starting batt. is in the back opposite corner.16 ft boat.

10/3/17 @ 7:53 AM
User since 12/22/04

my boat had a batter compartment that was for three trolling batteries and the starting battery is right next to them...kind of a L configuration.  I just put everything in there so the 6' wires were fine.  

Be careful extending those leads because if you introduce a significant voltage will throw off trickle charge. 

10/2/17 @ 3:36 PM
User since 3/26/04

Thanks guys. Mounted it today on the cover to a front hatch. Worst part was removing front deck to run wires.Still need to run extension to back for starting batt.easy thru rod locker.Why do all of these multi bank chargers come with 6 foot leads?I have a 16 and will just make it with a 6 foot extension.

9/30/17 @ 11:27 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

Have mine in a bow storage compartment

whatever you do, be sure you have sufficient air, I open the storage lid so it won't overheat...

Otherwise,  follow mfg installation 

I have about 3' to TM batteries, and I also ran a extension cable to back of the boat fot the starting battery

Good luck, nice option to have

9/29/17 @ 10:32 PM
User since 9/24/03
Mine is in a front compartment just ahead of the console. My trolling motor batteries are in the middle of the boat so that works out well. Running a single longer set of wires to the starting battery (which is in the back) is much better than running two sets back or forward to trolling motor batteries. I also have an on-board DC alternator mounted next to the on board charger. Again, the stock wires that came on that thing reach the trolling motor batteries so the whole "one set of wires running back vs. two sets" thing comes into play.  

9/29/17 @ 9:44 PM
User since 1/17/12
It's all going to depend on your boat and the set up of your battery compartment honestly. I have a bass boat so my 3 bank is mounted next to the starting battery as there is no room on the other side where the trolling motor batteries are. Posting a pic of your compartment might get you some better ideas.

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