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Should I buy this boat?

3/11/15 @ 11:12 AM
User since 3/11/15
I'm a new fisherman who is looking at buying a smaller fishing boat to enjoy my new hobby. I am looking at buying a 14 Starcraft with a 9.9 evinrude 4 stroke. I was hoping this would be a good started boat to enjoy the chain and smaller lakes. People have been advising me that the size is too small. Will this be adequate to use during non peak hours on the chain? Weekdays in the morning an evenings when there's minimal traffic, or should I reconsider and go bigger? Thanks for your help

New fisherman Frank

6/18/15 @ 9:57 AM
User since 2/15/10
timberjack 3 footers are pretty small waves doesnt slow me down in my 14 footer ill hit the lake in 3 to 4 footers best time to fish when its blowing like that

6/18/15 @ 7:59 AM
User since 7/21/08
With any hobby, buy what you can afford and pay cash for without having a sinking feeling when you cut the check. You will have a great sense of accomplishment when you save and pay for it. My opinion only, obviously.

6/18/15 @ 12:16 AM
User since 6/8/13
With any hobby, I would buy the " biggest, best" you can afford. Not saying a smaller boat is bad if that's what's in your budget. You work with what you have. Yes with a smaller craft, you will be limited to your fishing areas, but that's not always a bad thing.....some of the best fishing is found where the " bigger" boats can't get. Whatever you get, you will adapt to its limits, and find out that fishing is a great hobby. Remember you can always buy up in the future

Tight lines Keith

6/16/15 @ 3:25 PM
User since 7/1/04
A couple of tings.

1. I have 16 ft alumacraft modified v hull that I have taken on Wissota, The Chippewa Flowage, and the Turtle Flambeau flowage numerous times. Yes, I was limited some days to smaller lakes, but who the heck wants to be in the middle of lake Wissota with 3 foot waves trying to fish.

2. The right boat for you is one that will work every time you go out, and has a dependable motor. If you get something that is bigger, but older and problematic, you will be quickly soured on fishing. I would rather take my 30 year old small boat out and know it works every time, than have something that is going to be a pain and never be trustworthy. My brother in law bought a nice tiller boat with an old Merc. had lots of issues, traded the merc for a Honda 4 strike, had lots more issues, and sold his boat. Has hardly fished since then.

3. Buy the motor, the boat is just a tub to sit in. The motor is half to 3/4 the total cost of the rig. Choose the one that seems right, you can always move it t a new boat.

4. Choose a boat that fits your fishing style. Like to cast and move, a transom mount trolling motor and tiller is probably not the best. Like to bobber fish, troll, or anchor and cast, the boat in the picture will work fine.

5/18/15 @ 2:54 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04
I would buy the Competitor with the 75 Yamaha. Great boat, great motor. Are you looking at Jalensky's? I have heard very good reviews about them.

5/17/15 @ 8:18 PM
User since 1/18/07
Any reviews or opinions on the Lund 16ft rebel xl ss

5/17/15 @ 5:01 PM
User since 1/18/07
Need your help please looking to buy new boat either a 16ft rebel xl ss with a 60 merc or a 16 ft competitor 75 Yamaha

4/10/15 @ 6:46 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12
Fjd, Did you end up getting it, or are you doing some more looking around? Let me know, cause I may be able to help u out. The wife and I sure did get a lot of Sea-Time on our 14 Starcraft. Did you say what that one was rated for? I still say 16hp because of the shallow draft.

4/9/15 @ 7:13 PM
User since 12/20/12
Pick your days use your head you will be fine. I ran a 14 sea nymph with a 9.9 merc for yrs I all sorts of places. Just use your head. I currently have a stock pile of boats all over the place. My favorite boat is a 18 fter that I run in prince William sound. It's very small by that waters standard. Here's the up side it's cheap to operate. Cheap to maintain, it's cost was low, can sell for what I paid for it anytime I want, takes me places the BIG boats don't dare go. Just use your head and have fun. You should post price thou. You maybe able to get a better boat cheaper. When I was living in Wisconsin I found many awesome hulls at salvage yards for next to nothing, then call around to marinas for discount motors. I once bought a really nice smoker craft 16 ft that had sunk, floor and wiring was shot! for 100 bucks hull was like new, found a brand new motor 50 hr merc that was 3 yrs old but still new in crate for 1000 bucks. Called caravan trailers in fox lake got a trailer cheap. Put new floor wiring motor ect paint. 1 week in garage had a new boat. All told had under 3 grand in it ran two yrs sold it 5500. Sometimes think out of the box.

4/9/15 @ 7:39 AM
User since 1/30/11
I have this one for sale

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