Ok I'm reconfiguring my 18ft 1986 riveted modified v lowe 1852 big jon. It has the three across bench seats. so far I'm done with all the wiring.i added a bilge pump led lighting outlet for underwater night fishing and on board charger. However this boat had a consol but it was entirely too close to the middle bench and the middle bench has a live well. This middle bench has too go. I'm putting two captains chairs in place of the bench seat moving the live well to the back deck and storage area and a live well in front of the consol This will allow a open floor plan. I'm using 1.5x1.5 1/8 in aluminum angle for framing and 1/8 aluminum sheeting for the floor and decks. Before the boat had a 2×12 front deck that weighed a ton but the boat still got up and ran good and it had a 1/2 IN wooden floor I talked to the guy who installed all this he said he used 3 gallons of glue just to level out the floor for the carpet and I believe him it took 3 hour just to pull it out I figured it up he had to have used five 8 ft 2×12 on the front deck alone. My questions I plan on putting foam in between the ribs in the flooring and up the sides does it matter what kind of foam. And is there a better foam to make the boat more stable in the water. Or does the stabilization depend on the hull style. I do understand about the max weight of the boat dictates to the amount of passengers weight that's why I'm using light weight materials. However my wife hates when I move around on the boat because it tips a little. Other then adding beavertails is there a better way to make it more stable in the water. Or will doing the mods that I'm doing to portion out the weight in the boat do that already? I do understand it's not a welded boat and by taking out the middle bench the integrity will be compromised I have accounted for this with the front and back deck bracing I'm basically moving the middle bench back one rib and the aluminum floor and the aluminum sides will all be welded. Any thought or comments will be greatly appreciated. Good or bad give it to me straight please. I don't want to do anything that I will regret.