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Pre Purchase Boat Inspection

8/16/15 @ 5:17 PM
User since 9/14/06
I'm in the market for a good used boat possibly spending up to $10,000 and would like to know if there is a business in the Waukesha area that do boat inspections and appraisals prior to purchase. I know the obvious things to look for but there are too many potential "hidden" problems that may be overlooked by a novice (me).

I would be more than willing to pay an expert a few bucks than to spend that kind of money on a boat with hidden issues that would cost me thousands later on. Sad Sad Sad Sad

9/15/15 @ 9:11 PM
User since 11/18/09
Aside from the engine a few things to look at:

-trolling motor / does the pedal work -all the gauges on the boat -Livewell pumps -bilge pump -trailer rust / tires / bearing -mold build up in the hull -Get under the hull to inspect the body

Talk to the dealer and try to work out a test drive and see how it runs would be the best advice i could give you.

Best of luck. I just bought a used pricecraft from daves turf and marine. Overall a good experience.

9/6/15 @ 11:05 AM
the predator
User since 11/1/11

I have been looking around at the boats in the 10,000 range and have found a few 2015's that are brand new at the dealer for around $12-13000. I personally have been eyeing up the alumacraft escape 165 with a 40-50 HP mercury. Might be worth a look that way you are getting a warranty and know that it has not been beat on.

I will be purchasing a new boat in the spring, so I have plenty of time to decide what I want.

Good luck in your search.

8/17/15 @ 1:00 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15
Take it to a boat dealer and act like you want to trade it in. I will guarantee they would find every thing wrong with it in minutes. Everything you have is Junk everything they have is great. Sorry I know you are serious but I just could not keep from saying it.

I would have a compression test all the cylinders should be close to the same. Check the steering cables Check all of the pumps Check all trim switches A dealer can hook up a computer to the motor and tell you everything that has ever happened to the motor. How many hours How many times the motor has been over revved. Ask for records when the water impeller was last changed. Above all ask him to take you out on the water to test everything it has. If he dances at all pass on it. Come buy mine.

Guys tend to keep their boats in better condition than their cars. If it looks rough it probably is rough.

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