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Optima Blue Top Batteries

3/14/15 @ 7:21 PM
User since 9/27/01
I've been doing some research on deep cycle batteries. I have a 16 foot Sylvan with a kicker and 55 lb thrust M/K Powerdrive V2 with iPilot. I prefer to use the iPilot for trolling since it drives the boat for me. I'd like to get the best battery to give me the most amount of time trolling with this 12 volt system. Are the Optima batteries all that they are hyped up to be or should I get a couple of Fleet Farm batteries and run them in parallel? I read that the Optimas run nearly twice as long as a conventional deep cycle. True?

3/18/15 @ 1:23 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
I've had excellent luck with the Walmart with the Marine Everstart MAXX 29-DC for $99 each. I have two for the 24 volt Terrova and the same battery for my cranking that has no problem turning over a Yamaha F225.

Plenty of power for the Terrova bow mount and now I can have electrics, pumps, riggers, and everything else going off the main battery all day long with only the T8 kicker running.

When the batteries on my Salmon boat start to fail I will be replacing the Interstate batteries it came with and they will all be Everstart MAXX 29-DC's.

3/18/15 @ 11:37 AM
MEMBER since 12/19/01
If run time is your only objective, AGM batteries are the best.

To compare batteries for a trolling application, look at the reserve capacity. This is the discharge time at 25A draw, which is a good measure for trolling duty.

Can't beat Walmart or F&F standard flooded deep cycles for bang for your buck, tho.

3/16/15 @ 11:57 AM
MEMBER since 4/16/06
Years ago I had the same question. I chose to Not spend twice the money on Optimas and replace twice as often if needed for the same price. I've not had any trouble with a standard Marine battery and my 24v i-pilot that I use for walleye and salmon. I have had trouble with Wal-mart batteries though. Not a big fan of those.

3/15/15 @ 4:37 PM
User since 5/23/12
I had a 16 foot sylvan as well. I had an 80 ipilot. I ran 2 everstart walmart batteries. For $100 each they ran great. I ran them for 3 years no problems. Charged after each use. Could run 8 hours trolling for eyes and still have half on the battery gauge. If i was you i would save your money. You can buy 2 sets of batteries for agms or gel.

3/15/15 @ 1:17 PM
User since 1/8/03
Look into the AGM battery line

3/15/15 @ 9:34 AM
Major Mark
Major Mark
MEMBER since 5/20/05
IMO, Optimas are not what they used to be. I run two 31 series batteries I bought from BatteriesPlus that are awesome, although expensive. I run these bad boys to power my 80# Terrova iPilot. They will last 4-5 days fishing the current of the WI River below the Castle Rock Dam. Many days when the river current is fast, my Terrova runs on 5 or 6 just to hold the Spotlock (anchor mode) in place and these batteries never quit or wear down. I never sit in one place, always trolling or working shorelines/laydowns, so they are always working hard in the river. Add in the 4 year, non-prorated warranty, they are worth EVERY penny to me. They are also available at Cabelas, but more expensive with the Cabelas label on them (same exact battery). If you want the best, get these bad boys!!



3/14/15 @ 8:28 PM
User since 8/16/05
They are expensive. However I have used them for the last five years and still running. I'm ready for replacement and I will go with them again. They are the top of the line. How hard do you use you trolling motor. I use them hard. All day. And I can run the second and most of the third day. If you not running everyday and only going weekends then Walmart batteries are a good option. I guess you get what you pay for.

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