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New roller trailer

3/21/17 @ 12:54 PM
User since 3/10/02

I bought a new full roller trailer for my 19foot alumacraft trophy. The trailer works to well. The boat rolls down way to easy. I know I bought a roller trailer. I have been rapping the loanch  rope around the bumper to hold it back enough to get the strap off that works ok any better ideas ?

3/23/17 @ 11:49 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/09

I have a Lund 1750 Fisherman on a Sbkrelandr trailer. It'seaves the trailer like a rocket. I put a clear on top of the winch and use it to slow it down. It works great and when I go to crank it onto the trailer, I can tie it off and hold on to it when I walk down the frame to attach the hook.

If you want a picture, I could get one.

3/23/17 @ 11:11 AM
User since 7/27/13

i am a bunk guy, but my fav trailer by far was on my ez loader for my old lund boat, it had a set of rollers in the back and bunks in the front, it was awsome had the best of both worlds been thinking of converting my trailer back to that style but would have to put 1 new bar on trailer..

3/23/17 @ 10:35 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I too am a bunk guy.  Yes if power loading is banned, it can be tough.  My buddy is a roller guy, and he too will motor up the trailer and leave the motor running.  Hook up then trun back and kill the motor.

3/23/17 @ 9:11 AM
Annes Regret
MEMBER since 7/7/11
Check out the DROTTO catch and release. Worth every penny!

3/22/17 @ 8:57 AM
User since 7/20/09

I have the same issue with a 16.5ft boat I bought last year.  I have had roller trailers in the past on similar sized boats with no issues, but this new trailer rolls very very easy.  I like it because most of the places I fish I can't powerload and have to hand crank, so it pulls up really easy.  But the down side is that places without a dock, like a river launch I use, I normally would drive up the trailer and then hook it on to get the boat out.  Now I have to keep the motor in gear while I hook it up or I just roll right back down.  The launch is in current so I don't have much of a choice or I'll get pushed right away from the trailer.  I hate that, look like an idiot with the motor running.  Its all big rocks so not blowing out the bottom but still...

Launching I have to back in the water far enough that the boat doesn't pull as much, then I can unhook and jump in the boat all at once.  I can get it to the point I can hold it back with one hand, enough of the boat is in the water.  I just roll right off the trailer and drive to the dock.

3/22/17 @ 7:45 AM
User since 5/21/10
I was having the same problem.  I switched out my straight hitch to a 3" drop and the problem was solved. 

3/21/17 @ 5:36 PM
stl ken
User since 2/22/10

Seems like a pretty big boat for a roller trailer, but you might install an electric wench to do the heavy work .

3/21/17 @ 3:29 PM
surf n turf
User since 1/31/07

I mounted a cleat in the winch area and wrap the rope around. Got tired of the rollers and converted to bunks. Much better.

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