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How often are you guys changing water impeller on your motor

4/18/17 @ 6:53 PM
User since 5/6/16

How often are you guys changing your water impellers on your motors , have not changed mine in a while but have not seemed to have an issues , never runs hot and always have good stream out the pee hole 

4/28/17 @ 2:06 PM
User since 5/8/02

I just changed mine the other day. Last year when I put it into storage, it was pumping water like crazy, this year, I put the muffs on and nothing came out. I bought the boat used in June of 2016, so I don't know how long the impeller was in there. I did have a little bit of a time getting the splines on the drive shaft to line up with the socket in the power head, but after about 15 minutes, it popped right in, and the motor is pumping good water again. Here is a pic of the old impeller, I had to dig parts and pieces from all the little hooks and crannys on that lower unit !!!!  Normally this should  be a 2 hour job at the most.

4/24/17 @ 8:24 PM
User since 5/20/08

the reason is the rubber impeller starts to take a set and then the fins don't flex tight if you look at the impeller they are not perfectly center in the pump housing 

4/24/17 @ 12:16 PM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

For some reason or another...they look fine,  no blades busted and not brittle,  change it.  I had one like that,  put the new one in and it was pissing hard.  NO CLUE why that one didn't want to push water.  Only thing I could think is it may have had a wobble.  to this day it still baffles me.  It seemed like that 40 HP went through em quick.  my current motor I fish the same waters and I've not changed it once.  Go figure

4/23/17 @ 10:00 PM
Sweet Corn
User since 12/14/03

Have a 94 Johnson 30.  Quit moving water when I winterized.  I guess it is time now. Looked at it the other day and did not look to bad, but for a 13 dollar part I should get another 20 years out of it

4/23/17 @ 7:34 PM
User since 12/27/10

2001 mercury 90 4 stroke, had it 11 years, never changed it. Did some river fishing during that time, some great lakes, Missouri, and Canada. Mostly lakes in southern and northern wisconsin.

4th year with a 150 4 stroke mercury. A few river trips, mostly lakes in s. WI and IL.  Haven't changed it yet.

Not saying I'm right. Good luck

4/22/17 @ 11:15 PM
User since 5/20/08

I fish bago and up north and change mine every year. For the few bucks for the parts and a hour of your time it is worth it to not over heat the motor plus I put a lot of hours on mine running wide open. Its a optimax  

4/22/17 @ 7:45 PM
User since 2/27/05

My dealer says every 3 years on an Optimax. 

4/21/17 @ 9:21 AM
User since 7/20/09

I just watch the stream.  Not a fan of changing parts if they are still good yet.  I use my boat quite a bit and they last a long time for me, definitely longer than a few years.  I agree you can tell if its going.  I mostly fish northern WI now, but I would say the same for when I fished Green Bay and Lake Michigan more in the past.  Don't do rivers as much anymore.

4/21/17 @ 7:24 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

you change it when you need to...and you'll know.  It all depends where you fish.  If you fish rivers or lakes with lots of sand,  you'll be changing it more often.  My prior motor 40 HP merc I changed 3 in 8 years.  my motor now 75 merc is on 13 years and still pissing a hard stream.

4/21/17 @ 1:51 AM
diver hunter 1987
User since 9/29/09

Just changed mine out today 2014 115hp yami.  Old one looked in good enough shap that I could have easily got another year out of it but did have some cupping and wear on the ends.  I fish a lot and travel around to different spots around Wisconsin mainly in river systems.

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