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How fast does a mirrocraft striker 1567 go with a 25hp four strroke

9/14/14 @ 9:41 AM
Point Muskie Hunter
Point Muskie Hunter
User since 1/28/13
I am looking to upgrading my boat from a 14 ft tiller boat with a 25hp 2 stroke to upgrade to a boat with a casting deck and steering wheel but am I going to lose much speed with this new boat. Pictured is my old boat and the one I plan to buy.

9/18/14 @ 1:02 PM
User since 9/25/02
It's a 25hp. U aint gonna lose that much. If ur talking 225 than u have a discussion.

9/18/14 @ 9:09 AM
Point Muskie Hunter
Point Muskie Hunter
User since 1/28/13
It is 3 inches wider the hull of the old boat weighs 200 and the new hull weighs 420 but the motor has power tilt and trim to make up for the extra weight.

9/18/14 @ 8:51 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08
How much wider is the new boat?The wider the boat the slower they go an extra foot in length will not make much difference.A two stroke will get on plane faster but top speed will be similar between a two and four stroke.

9/17/14 @ 9:10 PM
User since 2/15/10
if you like slow and bad fuel economy. yes thats the boat for you. i have run over 15 miles in the last 3 weeks with my 30 4 stroke and still have a 3/4s of a tank

9/17/14 @ 7:36 PM
Sketter Boat Guy
User since 4/19/14
I found a mirrocraft pro striker 2004 with a 25hp 2 stroke mercury it is probally a better option vs four stroke for performance right. Because I am only looking to get a boat with more storage and a bigger livewell and casting deck.

9/14/14 @ 2:57 PM
User since 8/13/14
you will probably loose 3 to 5 mph from your old boat....same hp but new boat is 1ft longer, casting deck and console, added 4stroke weight....25 hp sounds like the bare minimum for the 1567....Id go at least 30 or better yet 35 on the 15ft....unless you can live with the lower top end....lets face it neither boat is a speed boat, but nice fishing rigs...

9/14/14 @ 2:16 PM
User since 2/15/10
i get 29 with a 30 4 stroke by myself and 27 with 2 300+ pound guys gear and everything. i have a 14 foot mirrocraft deep fisherman. with a short shaft there is no planing issues with fully loaded jumps right out of the water. also have a 12 gallon gas tank in it too.

9/14/14 @ 11:15 AM
User since 2/11/12
I've got a Mirrocraft 1568 (tilller) with a 2-stroke Merc. 25. With 2 guys and a moderate amount of gear it will run at 24/25mph (gps). My guess is that you'd be in that range with the console model as well. Would 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke make any difference?

9/14/14 @ 10:55 AM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07
Misread your post - guess I read it too quick.

The biggest disservice that you can do to yourself or your new boat is to put an undersized motor on it. Generally speaking, you don't want your motor to be less that 80% of the rated maximum horsepower. Anything less than that and the boat will not handle right and you won't be happy.

How many friends have you heard over the years wishing they would have gone bigger on their motor. conversely, you never hear anybody grousing that they wish they would have went smaller on their motor.

Horsepower is your friend. I wouldn't look at putting your motor on a new boat unless the maximum rated HP is in the 30 to 35 neighborhood. truly think you'll be happier in the end.

Good luck!

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
9/14/14 @ 10:48 AM
User since 6/13/09
Why not just keep the 25hp 2-stroke instead of spending the extra money for a new 25hp 4-stroke. Got to be at least 50 lbs. difference in weight & I'd bet the 4-stroke is lower getting up on plane & may or may not have the same top end.

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